What's Trending - September 17

September 17, 2018

I hope you're having a good Monday morning in. It's a little sobering this morning I mean after the Badgers game on Saturday and the terrible tie yesterday at Lambo Field. Packers/Vikings a lot of people talking about the game you know the Packers did have many chances to secure the win if they played defense. The Vikings probably should have won but their kicker is terrible which helps us out I guess. But the Clay Matthews play yesterday how on earth is that a penalty? Like someone who is much smarter in sports knowledge I would love for you to reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell me why that in fact was a penalty. Because football cannot be played in my opinion if that is considered the norm. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just search On Air Aaron. Seriously if you are well versed in sports I am totally open to your feedback I would love to hear more. As we go through the morning we're thinking about our friends and family on the east coast after hurricane Florence continues to cause problems in the Carolina’s, Virginia, parts of Georgia. Close to 20 people now have passed away in the storm including a woman who passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning. There have been reports of looting, Florence by the way has also caused about 740,000 homes and businesses to remain without power as of last night including some tornadoes are possible as well. Watching that closely, more rain and more flooding effects will continue in similar ways we had here where that rain and flood water continue to rise. Last but not least Wisconsin has hit a loss of dairy farms since 2013 it's on pace to lose more than ever before. The decline is the biggest in 4 years when the state lost 434 farms in the first 8 months of 2013. The department’s figures shows that there were fewer than 8,400 licensed dairy producers at the beginning of this month which is about 429 fewer than the start of the year. Is Wisconsin losing its title perhaps? Are we losing America's dairy land to California? Support your local farmers, they do a hell of a job and they work their butts off. That's what's trending this morning.