What's Trending - September 19

September 19, 2018

I want to talk about the Marquette Law school poll that was released yesterday. Bad news for Governor Scott Walker as he seeks his 3rd term. The numbers show that 52% of likely voters have an unfavorable opinion of the Governor as opposed to 45%. The poll also shows democrat Tony Evers slightly ahead of Scott Walker, 49 to 44%. So basically this study also includes that the democratic senator Tammy Baldwin is in better shape as well. So if you're leaning left it's looking like that's just where we are at with a couple weeks left leading into the election. The former writer of Burt and Ernie describes the couple as a loving couple although Sesame Street Workshop disagrees. A former writer took to the conversation as to whether or not he thought Burt and Ernie could be a gay couple. He said " I've always felt that, even without a huge agenda when I was writing Burt and Ernie that they were, so I don't think I'd know how else to write them other than that they are loving." Well the point is, I mean you can look at it either way, who cares they're gay they're not gay. They taught good lessons  and that's why we watched sesame street growing up right? Trending this morning, Madison has been named the best city in the entire United States to raise a family. This is according to the website Zumper. The rental website ranked the state capitol as number 1 due to a large population of young adults, a strong local economy and low crime and high school dropout rates. Finally trending this morning, middle aged drinkers according to a research study done by people who lived in Britain, Australia, Japan and Norway. Researchers found that if you are in the age range of 30-65 believe that drinking is safe as long as you can still meet your responsibilities and that your behavior remains socially acceptable. I feel like this would probably provide similar results if we did it in Wisconsin, that is the survey. Just look around anytime you go to a Badger game, State Street, Packer game, etc right? It's MIX 105.1, hope you are having a great start to your morning.