What's Trending - September 25

September 26, 2018

If you're not friends with us on Facebook you really should because I put a link to a story (you know I was venting a lot this week as you have as well) about Clay Matthews. That sack by the way that he was penalized for against the Vikings and again on Sunday did you know that this year he has been called for that penalty what 3 times? In the first all of the years in his career like the first 7 years of his career he was called for that play 4 times combined. So people are talking about this a lot and I found a video it's from a couple in Cross Plains but they basically recreated what the real rules should basically be. They kind of made fun of that whole play. It's a great video and I have it for you on our Facebook page it's so funny just search MIX 105.1. Apparently college students in a recent focus group basically revealed that college students who have absentee ballots are not returning them because they don't know where to get stamps. You know I guess a little more education but to be honest I haven't written a letter or sent something in the mail with a stamp on it in a very long time. If you're wondering where to get stamps and I think college students in Madison have a good idea of that but basically you can get them at the grocery store or the post office. Or ask an adult, an older adult they'll be able to tell you. Walt Disney World is experimenting with some flexible spending they're basically going to be doing some on demand pricing for their tickets. Starting October 16th tickets will be priced by the day of visit and they'll cost anywhere from $109 - $129 which is still kind of pricy. But keep that in mind you'll be able to know in advance what days will be cheaper than others. Does Six Flags do that as well? I feel like somewhere near by does that as well? And the Badgers are going to be playing under the lights against Nebraska. Kickoff is at 6:30 for the Big Ten home opening on October 6th, Camp Randall. Under the lights, it should be a great night! That's what's trending this morning with the MIX.