What's Trending - September 26

September 26, 2018

 If you've used dating apps before I mean most of us have let's be honest but we're going to talk about a new feature that was rolled out to people in India. We will talk about that in just a minute. Dunkin Donuts decides to drop donuts from their name. They're going to be focusing on all their other products not just donuts like their delicious coffee they've got food, they've got a little bit of everything if you haven't been to Dunkin in a while. Look for those changes to take effect at new franchises and newly remodeled stores starting in January. Making a Murderer, a terrible and horrible story of Manitowoc County, Teresa Halbach, Brendan Dassey of course and Steven Avery. Season 2 or part 2 of this true crime documentary series will premier October 19th and look for it on Netflix. Tinder trending this morning after they've given women in India more control over conversations. Now ladies if you use Bumble you're probably familiar with this but Bumble has that feature that allows you to pretty much prevent guys from messaging you that's kind of how the app really works. But basically they allow the female party to start the conversation. This feature will give women the ability to prevent men from messaging them period so Tinder is roll out those new changes all over the place. Brewers taking on the Cardinals tonight. First pitch just after 6pm from Saint Louis as they get closer to the post season. And the University of Wisconsin Madison, enrolment is up 3.8% this week according to a news release. The size of this year’s incoming class is up almost 4% from last year alone reaching almost 6,862 new students. By the way that whole dating app feature, I want to know this morning as you make your way in to work or as you're at work right now. How and where did you meet your significant other? We're talking about this on Facebook, I'll tell you how I meet my significant other it's all on our Facebook page search MIX 105.1. I'd kind of be interested in seeing all the different way and places. Maybe you meet your significant other pre dating app or pre technology. Let's talk about it on Facebook this morning.