What's Trending - September 27

September 28, 2018

I can't believe this week is just flying by its September 27th and a couple of things going on. State Street is going to get taller after the city common council approved the proposal Tuesday night for that hotel on State Street. The vote had 2 no's but the developers are going forward with building this plan a $43 million 9 story hotel with store fronts on State, Dayton and Carroll Street. By the way developers hope to have this finished in the next 2 years which I think is a little ambitious but we will see about that. A recall alert, now I don't know if you saw this but it basically involves the meat in your freezer your fridge. 132,000 pounds of ground beef recalled nationwide so it's not just something that affects only part of the country. The USDA making this announcement it does include a lot of major retailers including Target and Meijer and all of that so if you want to know if you are affected by this recall I've got information on our Facebook page search MIX 105.1 and you can check it all out there. The UK is working to you know help remove plastics but unfortunately people are basically putting in empty plastic chip bags manufactured by the company Walkers which is owned by Pepsi Cola. But basically they've been putting the empty bag of chips or "crisps" in the mail without an envelope and without a stamp using the hashtag "PacketinWalkers". Basically they're looking to help out the environment and the UK consumes approximately  6 billion packets of potato chips every year most of those bags are non-recyclable. Tonight is a big night and we'll talk a little more about this because it's a big night in music here in Madison and we're going to run down just some conversation about it. Maybe you're going to be going tonight?