What's Trending - September 28

September 28, 2018

A lot to do this weekend let's talk about Amazon's stores where they basically sell only their highest rated products it’s called Amazon 4-Star. Well they've been opening up and they opened up in the SoHo neighborhood in New York and they have all sorts of crazy stuff like bottles of Gorilla Super Glue to their Amazon products to Legos I mean you name it they will sell it there. If you get the chance it's pretty cool stuff and of course I'm still addicted to my Prime membership. Bucky on parade the live auction happening right now you can bid on 10 of the statues. The auction began of Tuesday and is going to close at 9pm tomorrow so go get your stuff if you're looking to do a little biding. I know a lot of people really enjoyed this and I think we should do more things like this because it really got people out and about checking out the city. There was this certain kind of energy that I really appreciated. According to the associated press more young people say that they are feeling anxious about the mid-term elections compared to earlier this summer. That's according to a poll released Wednesday; nearly half of voters aged 15 - 34 say they are anxious about the mid-terms which is up 36% in July. Young people are also more interested in the mid-term elections now than they were earlier this year, there you go. By the way that's coming up fast if you have not registered to vote go vote please! The Badger football team is off this week they have a bye weekend and they'll be back at Camp Randall next Saturday October 6th under the lights at 6:30pm. The Packers taking on the Bills, Oh boy they are making me so nervous like I don't even know what to expect from this team. 12 O'clock kickoff from Lambo field on Sunday. The Brewers clenching their first post season spot since 2011. If you haven't been watching this team they are something special I'll tell you they'll get anybody excited about just watching this team play it's amazing. If you are headed to Miller Park by the way this weekend I will be there tonight and tomorrow. Really looking forward to this weekend Brewers taking on the Tigers hoping to get that division win out of the Cubs!