What's Trending - September 5

September 6, 2018

We're going to run down what's trending this Wednesday. Yes Wednesday thankfully we're half way through the week. I want to start out with some changes coming to Miller Coors. They're going to be eliminating positions all across the country. 350 positions are being eliminated and they’re going to be making some changes to their brewery tour as well. Now you have to pay $10 for the brewery tour and it's free for the designated driver theirs also going to be a couple other fun little incentives to compete with other breweries in the area. So if you're planning on doing that tour it is honestly one of my favorites. I would pay $10 to see it I'd even pay $15 to see it but I'm glad it's $10. You might notice that the Fraboni’s on Regent St. has closed their doors. They're not closed for good but after 47 years the Regent St. location has closed their doors and going to be moving their store all to the Monona location. So just an FYI this morning. We're going to talk about Roseanne, I guess there is not a lot to talk about with her. But you know she was fired from ABC because of her racism but she said when the new show The Connors premiers this fall she's going to go to Israel. She's got an opportunity to go to Israel. She's been there for a couple months to study from her favorite teaches and she's going to go there and maybe move there. And maybe she'll never come back. It's MIX 105.1