What's Trending - September 7

September 10, 2018

A lot to get to and we'll start with the sad news the tragic news, Burt Reynolds 82 years old passing away, just a sad day yesterday. Of course you might know him from all of the films including Deliverance, Smokey and The Bandit, Boogey Nights. He had a string of health issues in recent years including a bypass operation in 2010 and even a stay in rehab in 2009, Burt Reynolds, 82 years old. The Badgers are going to be taking on New Mexico at Camp Randal tomorrow morning at 11am. Get to Regent Street early because you know how that goes. Also the Packers/Bears are playing each other on Sunday night, are you ready? Do you have a dish to pass? Do you have a special tradition or ritual that you do to get ready for game day? I'm so excited! Can't wait for this weekend, lots of football. Brewers by the way are taking on the Giants at Miller Park. Speaking of words and school stuff that we've been talking about this morning, new words have been added to the Merriam Webster dictionary and some of these words are very interesting. Marg, short for Margarita added to that list of words. Mock tail, zoodles, which are basically zucchini noodles that would count as zoodles that has also been added to the list. Hangry, another word added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, I'm a big fan of some of these words. Hangry describes me every day around 5 O'clock if I don't have a snack. It's Mix 105.1.