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What's Trending - January 3

If you missed your chance to win $1,000 – another code word is coming. Listen at 7 past every hour for your next chance to win. If you live in the Oregon school district or have kids that go to school there, the schools are closed due. They will not have class today because they are making repairs... Read More

What's Trending - December 20

Madison is making a list of the best city in the state of Wisconsin to live in. This study basically compiled the best places to live in every state, done by Time.com, and Madison is the city to live in. Madison was also on the list as one of the best places to get fit in 2019 coming in in the top... Read More

What's Trending - December 19

Some scary stuff in Green Bay - 14 people were rescued on ice in the Bay of Green Bay. Apparently, they had deployed a Brown County air boat to get the fisherman off the boat. The ice moved away from the shore so these people were trapped. The Sherriff’s office reported that the ice was shifting... Read More

What's Trending - December 18

There is a concert coming to Minneapolis that I think is cool because it was the power of the governor who decided to bring back Garth Brooks. If you haven’t seen him in concert, whether you are a country fan or not, he puts on an amazing show and if you have the chance to, go! He’s going to be... Read More

What's Trending - December 17

A lot of updates to some stories that we talked about last week. One in particular – the turkey that chased the kid in Ashwaubenon down the street. Smoke the Turkey has been safely relocated to a wild life area so he can live free with the other turkeys. But apparently, I didn’t know this, the... Read More

What's Trending - December 14

Somehow, someway, the Packers can still make the Playoffs. They are taking on the Bears on Sunday at Soldier Field. It’s going to be a tough game, they’re gunna need a little help… but I think they can maybe do it. I’m not TOO confident, I think they’ve got like a 6% chance, but we’ll see. Taylor... Read More

What's Trending - December 13

The Affordable Care Act needs your help –enrollment is down. Of course there is a lack of advertising and funding but if you are looking for insurance, there are still a few more days to sign up for 2019 coverage. Pass that along – because you’re not seeing advertisements like you used to so some... Read More

What's Trending - December 12

Kathy Lee Gifford is leaving the Today Show. She is going to stay through spring. Almost 11 years hosting. She’s so good – she’s not going away completely, but working on some of her own media ventures. Sarah Hyland opening up about her kidney transplant, her second one, even showing off some of... Read More

Interview: Talking with Lauren Daigle

You may have heard her song, "You Say" being played on The Mix and thought to yourself: "who sings this....is this Adele"? I can't blame you for thinking that, as her voice is so powerful - as are her words. I had the incredible opportunity to take some time to talk with the Grammy-nominated Lauren... Read More

What's Trending - December 11

This is the warning that we get each year from the CDC – do not eat raw cookie dough, not even a tiny taste. But I’m going to take my chances on that. The CDC says that “unbaked products that are intended to be cooked such as dough or batter can make you sick. Say no to raw dough”. But I sure do... Read More