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Processing Prince's Death Online

BREAKING: #CNN has confirmed that music legend #Prince has died. He was 57. — CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) April 21, 2016 Very sad news today, music icon and legend, Prince died today (April 21, 2016) at 10:07am. TMZ was the first to report that the... Read More

Two Best Men Have the Best Choreography

I was a co-best man with my brother for my other brother's wedding and we didn't do anything nearly as impressive as this. Thankfully I didn't have to compete with an idea that had gone this viral, let's just say my coordination and dance skills are lacking. It's about time there's a viral wedding... Read More

Selena Gomez Trapped Between Floors in Paris

That time we got stuck in an elevator in Paris... — Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) March 8, 2016 Selena Gomez was in Paris, France on Tuesday and found herself stuck in an elevator. I have to say, she kept her cool and was able to catch the escape on her phone. I'm actually... Read More

'Armageddon' Photo of Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler Surfaces

Ohhh Monday .... @benaffleck #armageddon #benaffleck #1998 A photo posted by Liv Tyler (@misslivalittle) on Mar 7, 2016 at 6:23am PST Liv Tyler posted a throwback picture yesterday from nearly two decades ago; she is pictured on the set of ' Armageddon ' with Ben Affleck. Spoiler Alert: way back in... Read More

Show & Tell Work!

Outside of substitute teacher day and ' TV on wheels ' day, the next best thing was show and tell! I can remember sitting in Ms. Ness' third grade classroom at Burleigh Elementary eagerly waiting to show off my Tae Kwon Do trophy for breaking boards at a recent tournament. If each student figured... Read More

Fall Out Boy IS Irresistible (and so is Demi Lovato)

The internet is abuzz about Fall Out Boy's brand new music video for the remix of "Irresistible" featuring Demi Lovato. My initial reaction was, 'wait, since when has Demi been on this song?' Apparently I was asleep for the past few months, because this remix came out at the end of October last... Read More

Today is the Day to Cuddle Up!

January 6th marks National Cuddle Up Day on our calendars and I couldn't be more excited! I mean, what sounds more relaxing than a day filled with cuddling? I may need to be careful who I ask to snuggle, I can foresee it becoming an HR nightmare at work. But there must be someone just as excited... Read More

Adults Attempt to Make Cut Out Snowflakes

Who would have thought that cutting out snowflakes would be so difficult? I mean, I was a pro at this stuff in grade school; certainly I am smart enough to figure it out, right? Wrong! But luckily, my coworkers were just as awful at it! Well, A for effort right? Well, technically there isn't a... Read More

Christmas Music Played on a Launchpad

Yes, I know, Christmas was yesterday and you're ready for the madness of Christmas Music to be over. Couldn't agree with you more, that is, until I saw this (going viral) video of Nev playing a particular tune on a launchpad. I'm always impressed by a good mix done on a launchpad, such as Shawn... Read More

Taylor Swift is Having a Picture Perfect Christmas

You used to call me on my elf phone. A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Dec 24, 2015 at 10:53am PST It's no secret that I'm a fan of all things Taylor Swift; so naturally, when I saw her dressed as an elf for Christmas, I just about lost my mind. Okay, it wasn't that extreme. But she... Read More