Christmas Music Played on a Launchpad

December 26, 2015

Yes, I know, Christmas was yesterday and you're ready for the madness of Christmas Music to be over. Couldn't agree with you more, that is, until I saw this (going viral) video of Nev playing a particular tune on a launchpad. I'm always impressed by a good mix done on a launchpad, such as Shawn Wasabi with Marble Soda. Lots and lots of practice needed to do well at this, kids.

If that's too aggressive for you, let me slow it down for a moment. My favorite Christmas song cover of the year goes to Ellie Goulding for O Holy Night! You can even get yourself a free copy of it here. I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll with these songs, so here's one last cover for you to hear, Pentatonix doing Little Drummer Boy.

Okay, now we can focus on our plans for the New Year! Also, setting those New Year's resolutions and breaking them a few days later when you realize it will take work and commitment. Pffff... why do in 2016 when you can start it in 2017 instead!