Stay Connected with MIX 105.1

Listen to MIX 105.1 while working from home

March 24, 2020

Working from home but don't have a radio in your house? No problem! There's so many ways you can stay connected with MIX 105.1.

Where can I listen to

  • Whether desktop or mobile, is designed with all of your favorite devices in mind to deliver the world's best listening experience.

Smart Speakers

  • works seamlessly with voice assistants like Alexa to make your favorite radio station available at your command.

How can I listen to on Alexa?

  • Say "Play Madison's MIX 105.1" 
  • *If issues arise, tell Alexa to "open" and then say "Madison's Mix one oh five point one"

How can I listen to on Sonos?

  1. Download and open the Sonos app on your phone and tap "more"
  2. Tap "Add Music Services"
  3. Select from the list

How can I listen on my phone?

  • Download our free app for iPhone or for Android and favorite MIX 105.1