What Is Happening In This Imagine Dragons’ “Natural” Video?

A creepy clip for their latest song

August 27, 2018
Imagine Dragons

© Press Association

Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons are having the worst house party ever.

Their latest visual for their song “Natural”, features the singer inside some scary imagery. The tone is set when the camera pans over a pile of dirty baby doll heads in the first ten seconds. Reynolds is then revealed to be sitting inside the bug-infested home, as the piano plays itself, and things are getting real.

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Life seem much more pleasant outside, as the band is all together performing the song in the green grass. Great, until you realize he’s busy burying a woman in a grave and there’s a scary stilted man in black that will now forever live in your nightmares.

Thanks guys, but we like our “Natural” with more college football and less masked funeral dancing. Call us old fashioned.

Imagine Dragons are currently on tour in Europe, but will return to the states in September for a string of shows.