What Should We Get Justin Bieber for His Birthday?

By: Joe Hyer

March 1, 2017

Justin Bieber is celebrating his 23rd birthday today, but what do you get one of pop music's biggest stars?

Then it hit us. We think Bieber needs... something.

He's missing something here. 

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And here.

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Oh, yeah, and here too.

Never would have made it without you

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So we've made a shopping list for your birthday, Justin. 

Here's a puffy one.
There's something nice about a crisp, dressy one
We think this one is good for golfing.
Here's one that is good for lounging around.
This one is patriotic.
You can get three of these at once.
This is one can be good on a chilly day.
This one is perfect for bed.

Happy Birthday, Justin!