What's Trending - April 17

April 17, 2018

As a radio station involved in the music industry, we’re saddened to hear that the Frequency downtown are planning on closing their doors. They’ll be shutting down on June 30th. They announced yesterday in a Facebook post that due to increased costs and low revenue, they will be shutting their doors. All shows booked through June 30th will be honored and all other bookings will be suspended. I didn’t know The Frequency helped launch The Lumineers. Crazy.

The state of Wisconsin signed a bill that creates a $6.8 ad campaign that focuses on luring young workers from surrounding states to live here in our beautiful state.

There’s a tarantula burger in North Carolina. It’s oven roasted with spicy chili sauce, cheese, on a burger. It’s $30 if you’d like to try it. Can you imagine biting into that? I can’t even. I have a big fear of spiders – it freaks me out.

And, today is tax day! Freebies galore! Go save some money!