Dr. Sadie Valentine's Day Interview

Wednesday, February 14th

Aaron Rogers Interview with Dr. Sadie for Valentine's Day


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Aaron doctor maybe. Dot Steris AD America's pleasure coach it's a pleasure having on this morning. We've I think Obama has to meet the app. They a lot of just began a wave you know just a couple of things obviously you're very well spoken about the sexuality and making it on in making it entertaining but. How did you get into debt some of what what's the back story MY sexuality and helping couples or individuals is to improve their sex life. It was like I'll act in high school I would threaten them and Eaton entered that go. The day if we love my parent were at ease and so I didn't grow up with any Shaheen would kill you that that stuff around actuality. And belly and I. Uncle I get my girlfriend about their bodies and the right to them. How to have pleasure out of let them know and so that would. Let me out and add it and got them the film and at a helping others. That actual lives that I ended up writing the book many years ago on someone to reach out more people and I was nicknamed the little doctor is back then. And now seventeen years later they. Battling back technique book and a web site we'll let your product is pickle kitty dot com and I love it every day. You know have your head people be like wait your. You're an expert at what's what how did that ever shot. People all the time. All the time even yesterday and the belt lady at clip that accompanied last you like really like real it will. It felt funny everybody. Else. Well I think sexuality is one of the subjects that's kind of you know it's still even to this day taboo and people like to talk about it I think a lot of couples as you know very well obviously struggle as they grow into the relationship even. We're talking about sexuality so with Valentine's day of you know what something that maybe. Birdie begin the conversation if you're having some frustration maybe in the bedroom. Well I wouldn't I wouldn't have that conversation on Valentine's Day. I would actually say that there another sign and just turn it around on balance they approached it. In different kindly at this now and I'll say it time to really plan something that'll be up and it at all. And either a much pressure around that dinner and flowers and chocolates and all that I say that Soledad I've been here. And yet authentic and what you're woman would really enjoy and I'm just starting that they with the paper cup and copy and getting that it's not a school record. You know I don't like so little opening session on you're paying attention and then it. I don't think happened when it comes the bad debt and don't let us but get something for her and you. So that it not so intimidating that actually your vote at your flight and what you can eat together as well. I put together area out they hit on that nickel kitty dot com and called my Allen Pinkett and it got five of my favorite back. That later available today. The cookie dot com a website were on right now or what's your probably what's that probably your favorite. If we're gonna go there was probably your favorite Mike inch reduction it to maybe slicing things up in the bedroom. While there products like hit the ball and throw it called it right me neither rabbit. Pain and you if you like or is that it is on here and it is how quickly for her it hit a little light reading. Our goal like that different V today product they're so cool it righty. But what my about it is that. And enjoy it you know on different are the body or something that you can eat together. And have fun with the al-Qaeda would be silly to try anything you can't. I think you know with us Geist you there's always this little stigma like wait they're suffer Ross and I thought at all about her. There's an app that Michael can you got. Re. Send. Yeah they're quick hit today I hit it there have been. Mitt that stigma that technically technically you thing that happened after that Philly and we know better now they well and then realize that. It's kind of like professional the world. Provide professional result it really hit. Something to enhance your relationship with that being that you commute together for example there's a well the way and it in my about it. It a couple lanes and bike race but basically you Wear it. He get in the late in the nation right he need it on Valentine's Day. Well it kind of one of those things begin at volatile on being eat together and make it really easy to engage. So tickled kitty dot com you can go check out some of these items right now as we get into valentines weekend and more importantly to the rest of the year because I mean love. Isn't just Valentine's Day right I mean it's yearlong thing and were always trying to prove or sexual Howell especially as the year goes on I mean there's no reason and neglect it right. Exactly and you know we let a lot were busy at work and I am leaving kids but I'm I'm. I love my by the way it's that easy and that happened. Not important that we make it a priority and that we would not acted in lit them keep it there I don't know you how the schedule at a night for example that could. That morning and that could be a lot of fun because now. You're looking forward to that hey you know you can let your knee and Michael by air campaign so it's really you know you what you need. Do and it color but like everything. Take a little bit of work on you know on Valentine's. It used to put that effort in it. I was gonna say for those couples that think maybe you know all hope is lost C recommends scheduling date night other any other tips that you recommend. Yes you know having an open mind and communications. Communication is lubrication are they get that. Oregon is our great epic are women and so when you can't. Open up the line and dialogue and communication and keep it outside the badgers because activate the awkward if you're in doing something and bring up and but over and get comfortable talking about what you need are your ire when you are asking questions you're not there. You might find that you had a goal and an even realized that they desire something else so hit like let me go go up opened me. It was odd is that well you'll find that we need our hockey where they can get a lot better click. Talking with doctor city Allison America's pleasure coach. I hear on the makes think you for a tale time out of your day your website again it's tickle Katie dot com looks like you've got the Valentine can't. I Yeltsin of items for him for her you've got lines rain you also some items that. Aren't they because. It's crazy some of these plays in the different things they can be expensive but they are not necessarily aren't that pricey and a look at some really affordable one thing. Yeah I thought the board and I I have the that he typical idiot he bit. On the Mallard I said that the huge eyes that I would get I certainly here eight. All the plays like a vehicle not the boat and I picked alcohol related greatly but I think you're in opera writing I wouldn't let you were saying Nokia to make them all. It here then lit. In outgrow lately is that it got played like it womanizer. I don't know if you heard about that but that's like the latest and greatest technology that patent error but shouldn't technology women. You'd have to win in an attacker that tried it. He did they go. Back and I. Yeah that that it it'd go out. And it was the product in the Al and I hit it and make sure everybody at bat that they'll report. What was that quote he said earlier it's just a couple of minutes ago is something about lubrication or conversation is with. Communication. Lubricates and I like. That. That's really catchy I think it I think it is true and just haven't they have a conversation were so afraid to speak our minds in speak openly and honestly with the born person. That we spend the most time. And and one person need champions that ET where for men and women to be a little higher heel little awkward about sexuality. But the ones that pay Lee stepped up. Are the conversation because at partner you're looking at each other for that support it feel they feel more comfortable. Talking about without telling everyone hey I wouldn't that you don't get anywhere but online data champions and hit. Architect on eight and BL EOK that's a factor of. It's going to be a brand New Year's actor savient funny team or have a couple fun weeks ahead of us so. That's right you know put out and that could be a conversation starter and a leg cat eat into it if I have a blog. On the table kitty blog and their lot of great that relationship article and it by. But they're also by the minute you brought the stories that only they only picked by the minute to read you can print one out and on Valentine's Day you read it together. There you go with it. Yeah I mean and not only got the go browse the site took cutie dot com got a ton of different options on theirs well you've clearly mastered the arts. On enhancing things and slicing things up in the bedroom and we appreciate you at all. I'm attempt with us today. It's to grant FaceBook and pay interest is at doctor CD RCD rack. Yet 88 Allah and. Thank you for take a little time today dispute that's America's pleasure coached and communication. Again is rural and that's how I had some about that. Yet that's your newly go out there I thought yeah I want to hear it. I can say maybe actually be careful using that are on the office alone more maybe keep it for now. Hey I've got to say outs and appreciate taking time out that's today heavy wonderful years in all the best. Bank there happy about. Eight year.