Parentally Incorrect Tour Interview

Wednesday, February 21st

Aaron Rogers interviews with the stars of the Parentally Incorrect Tour


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It is airlock morning show here mix well five point one. And I am talking. With chain affirmed from the pulpit I'm shows America's original mom's night out there 2018 ran toll incorrect you're. Added to the Barrymore Theatre Saturday night tell us about the name in general because I've told people on the opposite Mike devil I'm going to the pump enough show Saturday night. Well now the idea it's kind of like urban Latin rite you can have your viewpoint like aqaba that you're not eating. Your babies alcohol and it may or may not be true. That we can't give it more as a at a far it's getting something. And it kind of I am well we thought of the idea itself. I've actually wrote you about our way I was back beating and pumping. I don't opt in culminated from. So you handed. York cop I would see hear your co hosted a way Tracy T how did you meet. Exactly match and it great we have been friends and eight grade and it turned out we were living on Africa and then he found out I mean I think I'm. What are iron. Our daughter and we look at the back and burn at 88. And shortly after the company that was born that would mean about and while a police started the show. In a bar. In northwest Denver because we just needed. And I needed victory in the month detail. Yen up. Ivan accurately there where I am honored that national. It's an amazing how ideas kind of come to fruition right you're longtime friends we think you know what. We're both going through the same thing there are a lot of moms here in the Wisconsin area right here in Madison. Who will totally they have no idea what they're in for in such a good way because moms steel with a locked in now. Yeah that will be fired the beginning by decree. My neighbor way and let site you know from mom group and I think people are freaking out greatly in need of Egypt. It still like to get it out your child going to live you know it really. Their well being and that we really can't think like everywhere he belittled at a rate in the laugh about how mad at the end of the app. Are hoping I mean you've really got treatment group. A big group a breeder he's got her car we call our audience reader. You if you are reading your regular reader of the matter out. Are you got your. Adopt that or I app are accurate that are you gave our armed call for a aka chuck but doesn't matter your greet her and we really got. Laugh about these things that we haven't commented I am and celebrate how bad that ranking at. The tickets are available bury more lives dot com this is her this is sincere sixth. National tour. Yeah yeah I mean bad man you can hit the road probably costs and think that 2014. And we got our first time in patent and we're up at. Well we're excited happy and I know there's a lot of people talking about this in our office especially. You've really got to be in for a great night out what kind of things do you hear. Now even touring from moms you know jamaat looked kind of things do moms come up to you and say after the show war. When you see people are public. Apple critic and an era that thing that got hurt he went right back I or Ali good lord. I am item on pac armed bare earth kind. What part am I the there for about two years but for me ever been able to meet their BP but there have pain or. You know I feel like we have a moms are so great all that we community and that our nobody in Peru and he'd get to play. I'm really on ballot eating experience where people feel very tightly. And in fact bleeding and it it's hard to remember that you are in the big club in the world your pocket and I'd be O in that we need to remind people back and am I anyway. Adding that we get there were subtle happy at how great fall of bombed the beef for having Matt. And I imagine that you wanna remind moms that they're also human as well so everybody goes to the same thing together it's parenting is a journey. You act and we're all the like everywhere and but even at your score is currently cracked and the idea that nobody perfect because of the Internet can relate to the well and it is certainly Brett Butler. And that meant everything. And I know our act. And oh. You know it is a quick reminder to be ignorant follow every kind of mom my view. Eight year without or never tried that caught my partner like I mean you know we could be on and not be sitting on armed with. You know seventeen at odds with what Kate on the check. You're remaining and went deeper fertile breeder you know where are all here together and the street that there is being you know part of pain that we call. Well you'll find a lot of from mom's here in the Madison there you'll find the moms who are from the verbs then you'll find the hippie mom's from Williamson street or William street as elect to say. Other neighborhood that shows in is also an eclectic favorites here so we're happy to have you here very much alive dot com. Tickets available to pump it up show readily incorrect humor chain a firm where tock we eat today Tracy. Buzz and able to chat with a split. Dissident in her interactive show so. People who have been listening to this interview so far no like okay well this seems likes of but I can totally relate to. This is really not just you sharing your experiences as much as it is getting everybody in the audience involved. Now if it meant being. So that article in part prepped for the right at it certainly not that we don't you like Al hey where moms are Martinis and ran it. Medevac. How are adamant about it but I'm a musical media and figure out here Eric and I am I picking my mom my daughter turned in Q parenting. Plan mean Beck and are seen him and our pride in Italy a lot of wine. We. Yeah maybe we can fly so can you to the wounded in Iraq and act you know really fun and almost a pet like talk show without cat but at any. Cheney had me at line in the sand and got app. I.s so what are some of your songs they what's what's an example of a song that we can expect to hear Saturday night. Who got so a lot of them I even say on near park and the it. Mattered that was pretty Iraq. And a little bit knotty. In that we haven't gone our ball I am here. Blinking is it about a typical that it came here eight episode. We have. Oh we have Matt network operator that he made about. Need. IN. In the beginning at. Eight irked at him but not all are available see it back out and there's a lot of really out that we uphold that may and in actually got me up and clean cracked. That. In the month commitment bad bad very are so accurate bar and number eight breakdown on honored me by I'd card and that. Mac. App or so. That's. We. And we've been slacking man for years you're near and that we do that it's. We collect an apartment so I and we are back where we read the cart and I'm like. And that big a nightmare. In their beer by. But the bucket but but the back collection of art from Margaret you're really and the need to. I mean. We lack of heart on these. Any part I like cry and able I mean as well I really hate it. You're going to be able to have read some of these audience member's stories in the block which you can buy right now for pre order correct wouldn't. Correct now he can get on. Honorable and noble. What's it called again that. Okay yes and we can't say some of the things but that's okay because you know this is an online and on air I. I interview there's a lot of people the band of mothers is what you call your your group write your UPS as the best when it's. The band a mother's assay and all sorts of stuff about shell and I think. I think this one even though I'm not a mom by it I've worked with moms to have done you know the gamut of what you're talking about in the show. And I think this certain quote. Is this really get it's the best thing you can do for yourself as a mom is go to this pomp and I'm show its wind there it's therapy and wine. And laughs and a lifetime all rolled into one. Call. How heated it needs help but let me. I haven't had a night out like this in a year and a half it's almost like moms come to the show they relate with other moms have with the blow with the two of you ladies and they feel like you know a lot. I'm okay. Yeah they can go walk away from the show thing in all the stresses in life I'm going to be okay and it was a good night. You know if not let that are being mean RB act and we are getting them. When we started out with why are very are now are great for our mentality in our it was there that I'm really validating. Or not around. And you know I certainly felt when I get in these pan Peter thought mom you know they're kept on being. About knowing that everybody. I need to lose. You know back in you know a 100% happy. As a mom all the pregnant we where women are. And their hard. To remember that when you're kind of in the broad the parent right and so you know. Our docket here mind you are not around and it's going to be a day. And and not and I think it. A unique about the salad is not Atlantic by ot take away. Don't make it like that yet ready to crop partner and do you like this after being out there yet but at operated. It. Really are what other people it and and other stories that you feel that everyone's probably out there. So no downward doggy show Saturday night right. I in my youth but on base that commitment today. That had put her name. And I expect. The Providence show America's original moms that out the prince Ali correct you're headed to the very more Saturday night were really excited to have you Madison. We just need. Everyone listening right now to set things up what their husband or boyfriend or the baby sitter so that we can get all the moms together or one night Saturday. And it only an hour now so that is not Ito is the is not like. Epic you. Comfortable being like you will be com and you would leave you will be okay. Well that's the mommy knew the reassuring sided views and. I doubt it the pre nine up you know I think why comment to get our. You bet it's dark out here cats. It's act. They'll still be enough time to have at least one or two glasses of wind up. Being. I'd end of forget about the book for Italy corrects to be released march 6 you can pre order the book right now he's just an Amazon right about her aren't Rabat on. I seen it makes for chatting today I really look forward to hearing everybody's everyone's comments after the weekend and hopefully we can rejuvenate moms. All throughout southern Wisconsin with that you're humor and you're interactive fun night out. Beat you let me bring it Matt and we're excited pat. Lets you bury more alive dot com tickets still available right now get them before they're gone happy fantastic time we look forward to seeing you here this weekend. In Tokyo thank you so much pre kickoff.