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Tuesday, November 28th

Christmas fantatic and singer/songwriter Elizabeth Chan speaks with Mix 105.1's Aaron Carreno on her new album and what makes this holiday even more special for her family!


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Oh. Elizabeth how are you. Know I'm great to start with the obvious why Christmas music. So you know they say by the time yours that in years old you're basically the person of the com and I just remember. My life and we rule vividly remembered. Howell joyously happy. To have Christmas music and it right. Poems about knowledge element in Santa and Christmas and I remember telling me may make it wanted to get. It right but the music and he. Believe coal means that they would never happen but millions of people wanna be. Writers and artists and it's so hard and Christmas music is quote the other question I. Think that was thinkers in. Until I reached a breaking point. And encouragement to actors. The things that I want to. So Elizabeth tell us about that breaking point to that moment where you're working. It was and you're at media executive right. Yet the I was working at carving out our planet working with open some of the biggest publications in the in the world. Have agreed and I agree office and decrease in equity was great on paper. But it just wasn't for me and I remember. Going into work days in and day out thinking. It is set it was my life is just slightly to about. It is what amenities for the next ten year prison. That is why you know and I had to like crisis or perhaps like why am I spending so much time and energy and other people's. Screens and and and businesses and like I and the time to to focus something that I believe it and what effect that the energy into things I've wondered what would that look like what could that be you know. So walk us through that moment when you decide you know why. I'm gonna put my energy to something I'm passionate about them and leave the data day of the corporate job what went through your mind how did it all like play out knowing that you had this great career on the other side. It didn't happen that easy for the ball so it. Writing Christmas music is actually I was looking at one Christmas on. I had Mac and never have real Christmas it beyond. It and I'll call it like this yeah. And yeah. You know what technically my first Christmas bomb when that yellow plate I like an advocate in the real. On reducing yellow snow are we all thinking the same thing I look at. Where. We are. Okay just on a mixture. You're yet we are all the same things. That. Hitler and a lot of it. So it didn't really look like a team like the music and the equipment it happened actually so I. You know I have a really bad day at work. IA and the ball really hit off and me with like that it equipment and so I was happy. The difference in holes with acutely. After few Beers and tree. I was looking for jobs honestly went. Went played hot chocolate and there was this listing said if you could do anything community in which. You know my hat variance with quick to say that this economist stranger. I wonder. And played a part of the world as the epic car sent anything anything about it and a few days later contacted by market broke up. It was doing it not street people who were calling it victory. It was opposite your client and the whole. Was to learn here earlier. He talks but would it. So when I first started. This project with Morgan it was really just write one Christmas. And it was like a side project it did afterward. Yeah. And I realized. I I I really happened to something special for me writing music having that ability. It started as a armed with a pop. Turning it into something bigger news that it was something. I've never experienced before. Decisions like Hewitt and 24 hours of the day happens networking. Mystery and it was in the actual process it was just something like you know decided. To take about a year. It to realize how was that you really have to. We're talking with them was the chant accomplished singer songwriter. Ike Christmas albums here on what is this going to be your sixth or seventh. You'd be sixth album. Tell us a little bit about this album and maybe the reflection of the music that went into enemy you grew up in New York City which is a very Chris I think of New York city's Christmas. He hit it. In the world I think tiger. I ever ever up at. Work in the raids and if you mean. I bet you know it I I was born and raised that in your city so I eat out it. Christmas is very special to new York and New Yorkers everywhere. The it is my sixth album and it's a reflection. Where I am currently in my life as a Christmas artists I've had. I'm so lucky and in so blessed to have had like several billboard charting single everything and I'm so lucky. So lucky. The this year I didn't really panic so if Simon you know. They gonna have and I gonna have a big Christmas hit I'm really focused on gains and album. From my daughter and I became the first time mom a few months ago in a way. One to created and an album that was dedicated and you know inspired by her and inspired by my youth as the reality which is going to be all about. Boy is this. And maybe you and you let. The cup but. I want that that's an asylum because. It's really it was really yet from other. Wanna congratulate you on your daughter thing in the album is songs for Noel. And Noel and now I'm I'm not gonna assume but no well Christmas. A little bit there's something there may be a list. Never on that. Want. Lot really so what is it like being on now what's it like being a mom in your writing music and your new album title obviously. I involving your daughter what's that like this holiday especially. It makes it more fun and you can't lay better than it used to exist. Let the you know the big guy really well. Bella and yeah I hit it the tremendous blessing. It definitely changed the way I think Chris. Normally. Public hearings up because it's like those national. It and weeded my entire might be wrong but also we needed. And you know I am. Even know where he's talking about out rating on the other. And you know the good news source inspiration for me and I don't rally at the music you know. I've frame that you play. You know a lot in you know Lockett. I'm happy with it means I don't have to. We'll we'll have the big problem. Nomar this mom come on excuse me. I can imagine you know public dollars amid the families get their baby's first Christmas and eat the little ornaments. What are your ornaments look like any tree because mom is writing the album that has to do with. Or daughter being more. I mean they uttered. Out at the weeks. The pictures. At. The one thing when you when you line. The only one. Late Christmas ones these were on the time. And my brother Matt means everything protester in the pocket but that she went by my daughter called me included. I. There. But I don't want it it she's born into the family business. In particular he listened to market with music then. A lot of people in this country producer. So when the holidays are all around Elizabeth are you the kind of mom their plans out all the events in your area are in your community or do you. Try and just take it easy in this relish the moment and soak in your music or you the one going to all the different events casino we have the community events of the raids that thing. You know I. I had to re black and I definitely has traditional offense the way that I had and all over the country at this point and that it invited to. And in New York City the one big thing that we really students security and what exactly. The Rockefeller actually I think it depends. I mean yeah of course I and we all your equipment he'd call it. Still what's. Before we wrap up your favorite Christmas music are sorry Peter Criss is your favorite Christmas song ever in line. It popped the question and answer. It is an impossible question and answer because Chris affirm it like a Christmas play at the plate and a bit. Below. They're angry in the street about Perry could. I'm not at as they are within a string of other so it's an impossible. And amp there. I do you have might a couple of favorite artist. I would say he wonders is definitely in the top top favorite. Part. As an attending to find you online at live least chant Christmas dot com correct. Yeah we can't Christmas and definitely we sat me on social media beast that Twitter instant brand cat at least canned music. The baby reindeer. Can't. William B baking cookies this year. You know why. Speaker yeah. I give me the music I'm not pathetic that the. I think you've found your niche I think you're okay. So I have to. IID. And music that you listen to what you bake cookies. He's got. They're just thinking about that that we can all put ourselves in that exact situation or indicates in relate to in the cookie cutters. Here you're seeing in and Blair and in the background. I don't own. What happened after it never got it. And it hanging up on the street it would not currently. Well you and I have one thing in common than is that is there were not we're not gonna stay indicates an over the holidays. Upgrade it. Chant thank you so much the latest album songs for no well dedicate your baby daughter congratulations once again. And your Twitter means to Graham FaceBook leads to hand music. And thank you so much for taking a little time on your data chat with us. Are you. Absolutely have a happy holidays and Merry Christmas and on the go grab the music it and get ready to decorate my house tonight. The and if there.