Jeff Dunham Interview with Aaron Rogers

Friday, September 29th

Jeff Dunham Interview with Aaron Rogers

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Aaron Rodgers mixed up 5 point 1 morning show and we are chat in this morning and now with Jeff Dunham who's about to embark on eyes a big major tour sixty cities to the passively aggressive to your tickets went on sale last week but talk. And a bit about this two hour and how are you you got to be. Excited because you played obviously in small smaller venues in your career but now you're in Arenas is well throughout the years the what do you like about being in the arena. Well you know first of all air indeed if you're after I had count in this city you said it does say sixty. Days you. Only got. So that's like that's like 120 hours onstage pulling what way what 240 divide it by 24 how many days of we understand. As you have to ask Siri mass that's all the time regret I think it's great well what's 29 public court had no serious note this stuff. AI talk about you know what I moved a lot it'll in 1988 and I had already done in you know years and chose Greg Europe and Texas. And there in 88 and moved out here in did almost twenty years of comedy clubs. And that it turned in the theaters and then turned and big theaters and an eternity read is and so it's crazy so you know. And the ticket sales are great battle of the fans we put tickets on sale yesterday and he ordered before in at one days or about 8000 seats in Green Bay so that was pretty fun. But. Away and how are you guys from Green Bay. Well we're like about three hours yourself. Well all right also matters not to do pretty well when the vote gig tickets to. Degree of anymore than pay federal income at. Yeah they should you like the 12 punch right they should head to Green Bay in the mission had down Madison Alliant Energy center you're gonna be here January 12. Yeah they say why not keep searching that he. But now I mean it is to invite away my promoter of the guy who you know books all the shows. I mean genius who what where else would you go in the dead of winter in Wisconsin could. You've been in Wisconsin many. All I love it there. I don't know that we would that the standard grade the people are rated it's just you know I'd love it there is one that we shall take it. And and Syria back here question about the arena you don't have like a fifty foot digital screen. Which. Really helps actors you Michael McGrath is too big impact of the seeing things naive we have a close and personal camera there and so it's like this giant comedy club which really. So all the places that you performed and you perform obviously was gutsy performed around the country you perform done. Five continents and what's it like to be in all the different countries and you get different reactions on certain jokes the sorts of things with based only you wire. I think the world has become such a small place thanks to the Internet and of course I would YouTube it would FaceBook now. At I think everybody is exposed to every need exactly the same time insurer. You know it we have supply the world with television channels for for decades. Soul. A lot of what you know billionaire Eddie is what comedians rely on and things that you know international seems that the the people could joke about. And if there's so many of those have family work whatever is popular pop culture whatever is happening politically. The overall topic that everybody knows about so the comedy has become much easier now I don't know what it would have been like deal forty years ago the trying to go to you know South Africa and do show. But. Everybody knows English and it's amazing to hear national language it puts a spotlight on how much we don't. Focus on anything other than English. Four languages kind of like an elective resident you know or a requirement. So. I don't know why a the company works and all of the different audiences in different countries are right on top of things. In pleasant experience if he's sixty bucks on the ticket they know what they're they're getting and so they've been announced English. It's not speak with Jeff Dunham right now is going to be here Madison. And passively aggressive tour swing in my through Wisconsin he's going to be here in Madison January 12 it if you talk a little bit about your family ranked so I don't is what it's like being a comedian like the dad that the funny dat right. Well it when I was when my girls my girls are now all grown there boredom would've just got married of one of just graduated from college in the third distilling college. But. You know what they were grown I think it was a little bit in embarrassing for them because when you're dead if you know he's definitely well. But then the company's control my first come musical special came out that the sexual with the fact that the dead terrorist. And then suddenly. All the boys but that was great in the I became the cool dad and so I Wednesday. So. That was they have grown up in now with my little boy's name Audrey and I hammered five years ago we have twin boys that are are going to be two years old next month. Soul I've exposing them to as much in these goofy this is possible. They talk to the dummies in my house remarkably YouTube video of the meeting I think peanut for the first from the Walt for the first time. They YouTube channel. But. And I think Olympic story soul. Down the highway. We got a card in the mail the biggest scariest Halloween store ever so we got we got to the boys are like no like with a lot of promises that it's terrible leave immediately. An injury was. I didn't wanna take of the DC and handed and screaming and crying and when they keep me keep also outlets. That ticker on the edge here. So we go to this Halloween store and I think you know level horrible bad what sort of everything in my house and there's just too scary stuff here too as well we go in there and they have. Hollywood they have. That's the the twelve foot tall Angel of death. That flies up from rises up. Integrate stone spreads its wings ten feet wide and it's its skeleton this horrifying looking thing for the giant voice with the war offers vibrating the ropes. So little jacked my tiny little jacket who you'll really need to an FE two feet tall. Is standing there and this thing comes up from behind the tombstone and starts and use our good you know ought to secure soul. And projects stand their spread his arms open wide and tried to do an impression of him. Perfect. The has nothing do a comedy but that's the twisted them. You know what that's all right because there's all those family stories that we all have a growing up right I mean their their unique it's do you have trick or treating in your neighborhood and. You know but that's the one saying. We bought this house is like oh how deterred treating it ago we found out later none at all altered tree is down the street. I guess but you know if we ever get another house were written that's one of the first question is how Halloween but the. Jeff you're if you have triggered if you had triggered cheaters coming your home what would be Jeff Dunham candy that you get out. It all. I guess they're going to be that house that handout poll side can be large. A. A. He added that got to happen. I have a friend of animators special effects and scary stuff he had is one thing that he bought that was few grand. But it it's it is scary evil looking which sit in the chair tackling in the she gets up and runs at you twenty feet. At every year act like there's something different that comes out every Halloween right you'd never get the same things year after year after year. I Jeff Dunham going to be airline energy senator. Right here in Madison January 12 works at a for the tour but you've done a lot of other things in your career and wanna talk about a couple of these things like the Guinness world record for the most. Tickets sold. Or they stand up comedy tour now that's got to be impressive. I want to talk about that and I something else that I like to ask you after his. Yet. You know I get their hands full dreams that I had a goal and I got to Los Angeles. Almost thirty years ago. And having a vote a star on the walk Hollywood fame or getting in the Guinness book of world records or doing shows around the globe those were three things that ever ever entered my mind. So old. Those three things happen and it's all thanks to the fans in some artwork and surround myself with some great talented people but. Yeah beginner book you know. As a kid what went quick vote the one thing you look forward to opening Guinness book world record with a first rate Uga do everybody has the same answer. The same one for me. What it always look for. I a lot look for some bizarre things itself I would do like the longest kissing contest I would do a lot of that simple white. My Prado rode the fact waited on the boss ordered a. So if you were to break another Guinness world record what would you like to break. I don't know. Yeah. She lives that are really interesting question. And maybe not necessarily be comedy related adjust anything in your life you'd be like you know what I wanna be. The past or have the most of that. I'll Maine it's okay it's happening right now. And in I don't know how you can turn in your record but I don't think I've even taken I think it has in the press have taken no more. Off said two weeks. In however many years of touring so maybe it's that just the longest consisted touring of them. Of any doubt that'll be tough to beat the stones or some bullets the second they photographers fifty years. I don't know maybe it doesn't related of that but I'm just proud of the fact that have been on the road for so long do in this thing indeed there are reasons for so skeptical. You can do it so much I mean exactly it's got equal to be playing and all these different countries and to be different Arenas of 19 you've got the world record you've got now the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Which to meet Yemen that alone would be like life I'm done I'm guide Mike Turner. But I would include LA my gold limited LA like I hurt my collection would be on the Tonight Show Johnny Carson. I give myself ten years and I graduated in May of eighty. And we've got to LA and 88 and was filing of the nicer with Carson in. April of 1990 drug made by one month. So old that's what I thought was the be all in dot I guess ala cart and I'd sit and churn out of the electrical up in the career took off but then you know you gotta keep going and so and they're right. More goals than. So again I never take it for granted that could record that a lot of Smart people like great people. Help me little lists and you know together. Be thankful for like Ford and its. How do you think comedy plays a role until like you know current events and that sort of thing with kind of being a distraction to the what's going on in the world. Well that's what it's supposed to be you know the arts and sports are supposed to be escape in the separate from politics and as we know it's. To become ridiculous in the past few weeks and months and as a comic you really have to navigate those waters very carefully because it before the election it was like a big joke you know who's gonna win this anemic on everybody now. Boy you make on a one sided Nimitz type words. So. You know it is so much anger out there and fear as well and so you know the minute you make that that Hillary joke you can advocate trump jokes I Versa. Still. Are you it is so it's just you know. Again you have to be very very careful I guess they'll Brooks said you know political correctness is going to be the dances stand up and there may be actors and. What can we expect to see. When we watcher Netflix special relative disaster. Well I was very proud of that show because Netflix says they're gorgeous specialists it sure. And then based on the international component of that how much of them around the world that had happened and international specialty is sure. I'll do that doubled my first one I think it was their first one with the American comic doing the show somewhere else. But we chose Ireland because of the Irish audiences are they're great comedy and they know our politics our issues novels better than we do and I just sit back and laugh and as they did attack back at last that kind of turned to do great special but I also created. Something just for that show I was working on a drunk maybe. Not by the drunken babies kind of funny in the correct and I but weigh in event at the Irish blood bigger again about the drunken Irish baby. And so I created Shamus and that worked on the accident and apparently. They appreciated the effort and I got pretty close to I think that was their favorite single show I take it straight day as streamer out Netflix. And people are evident very happy. Relative disaster the Netflix special last not least. What can we expect to see from you that might surprise us when you're here in Madison January 12. Well I can't said that that that there's going to be a new guy in the show I've used one time it and again you gotta watch what you do but I'll hopefully get him. Make everybody laugh. But this is the guy. It that you character in the show that apparently worked in the White House for throughout. I think you're gonna go along with that justified because we're out we're like very liberal haven here in the mats and communities I think you'll I think it's gonna go over just great. About a way I like it that Wisconsin at green made installed not back quickly but also what my specials. Jeff Dunham very special Christmas special we shot the pabst theater in Milwaukee few years ago scenario. It's great stuff more excited to have you here Jeff Dunham here in Madison. Passively aggressive tour which begins now pretty much runs through spring you're going to be here January 12 may she get two tickets Alliant Energy center and I appreciate you make it's time to chat with me this morning. And they gave us great. I temples he sued I appreciate it.