Laura Corn Interview

Wednesday, February 14th

Aaron Rogers interview with Laura Corn


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Has malware in the tomorrow or I'll argue. In on them how are you high in the race on I am yeah I'm ready to see you. You ready well that could take on mute on connotation. Because of what you do that's human reasoning is that now. Were with talking with war or an author of the New York Times best seller 101 nights of rates acts 23 years ago. This was originally published it's hard to believe. Independent and made things that it intimate because it's shock proof that the concept the unique. Design a pit stop which is not like a book you read it took a Q I they have to me. You sold nearly two million. Copies today you've got some incredible endorsement file sorts of celebrities. But let's skit started with the book because I received a copy of it this week. And initially my. Perception wise has a lot this is a lot about sacks which are totally fine with it it's not like your typical book and explain what makes it your book different than that the other one. Well my book is based on really one word that I think is missing and most couples locked. You know keep them together for a year to couple years. This one Mort is probably completely and doesn't know why you think I stuck it to Egypt to capture. Because they are sealed their 101 secret. He'll on the left. And Sunderland group. Projects like the Colin. Fund projects. Yes yes that the play. You get a plaque. And it definitely play and it's definitely gonna create a spark that he deal gone either have for it right now. I put her and I hate to book you do that your partner. You'd get together and you kind of slipped through the field don't let him at 3COM. And he has the title and that also has either for his ultimately hurt right now right. And I was really curious which on the left sealed envelope. You know departure entrants like what number here it for her eyes only and it's the most thing that reduction in the book. There are so many people right now or a lot to rip out that page what you make. I guess what got you it's you this idea. You know what because I know that what this thing in the long term relationship. Is that people learn Iraq. They have a better run if they think there's there's so. I talked with technology. And distracting you know what can come look come up with ideas and and if you ask most most couples like where's Purdue putting your partner. We're making them feel special in your to do it out there. It's just not there and liked to look. Then at the one thing that couples want it to wanna be crying they wanted to do they want to. Why do you think in the battle but their parents and they don't know how to do much and after reading 300 books that book after book after book and you know when I surprises me when I appreciate surprised at what ever she could do need my god it's like it. It walks but it rocked my world right president how to help. What do you do a book prices because most books you read books you read you forget all the information. Possible. Two local welcoming the clock. But this. So unique because you get within one sealed envelope. If you were recipe. You can change the recipe what ever you do that you make comic Q partner that prompted the heat to get booked. I'm gonna teach you were about a week. And then it will be be in the back room I'm gonna show you what number 49. People breakfast at all. We're talking with doctor lark or in the author of the New York Times best seller 101 nights great sack this book has been and not only a best seller but it's been in the hands of the girls on the view they've given it to their guests you've had was it when ultra right shop. You know what I got another secret Clinton pal it's huge fan of the book. Chi just recently looking to write a chapter in her next. Really so what that conversation sound. Well well well I looked at how it. That I will be starring in her so it could. Hit it a great compliment. She's a big fan of and it went like great act. And I'm completely being honored and I you know I'm a huge effort so I can just imagine. Guru Rick I'm I'm sure she doesn't about it. Guarantee 100%. And and I think she's an advocate each YouTube again during the war and by the way that is what I'm going to do ballot. I'm gonna be my attorney Leah I'm gonna be hit it better but they're going to be there it is the project there is these. Super duper rocket project but it you know approach. And are you ready for the jail. I'll pay you an idea that already get so excited yet another record in Kuwait and went without it he Obama sometimes women. Need permission. You know trying to get. You know article up on their comfort zone right and because that's inside an envelope and you're doing the book to partner you like. Normally cool yeah. I am going to be hearing there. And and certainly the little that attacked an admonition if they and I am at a player like gray and I'm gonna put my you'll ever minus. And I assure so many of these two people are gonna be saving right because you're not gonna wanna and Capital One and not try them again. I have probably. Done half but let me be through Portland and you know it's a joint switch it up because I could be the recipe and so much when Nike people I encourage you look at you know the teacher who. The colts in his apartment we'll never know what keep your Stevie imagination in what and what part came from the book. What's it are the parameters for completion of this book keys you completed in a night is that a weekend. One a day how does how does that timeline look or is there one. You are getting their future it could read. It you know I don't doubt that that. You know I think most people. Honestly do I started the book by saying do it twice a week every week for an entire year but people have lights that that that the I think most people do a couple of months and what cooler on the outside that the deal done a lot of their little simple. So for example if you're tight on money in Egypt without a problem with no dollars. And then you know then there's like a little car icon rubric that built on the look out injured going somewhere or. I have a little he. A little. That you go to my web site in picture arts and the heat so there's all the little icon what happened upon book. Tell you. If you need to get the baby sitter or if there's money. She really covered every angle in this book I mean you thought of everything. And it's clearly obviously it's working for many people. Feel like if you tried by the way doing everything in my gun nighter a weekend you may have to like run the laundry. Don't know that you don't regularly Underwood like a great ways it. The next book I act either that or there when I'd get myself. A pop. That we you know went. I mean on Amazon and really trying to re used there really extraordinary. You know it's like Mike have been constantly smiling each you know I have a feeling we might we are this happy new year. The anticipation of not knowing what your partners and each is like sweet torture. We have never been so turned violent this look at save our marriage. See you know kiss army and on our. And and and I think if you're played a couple in new book and you might look at that streak that you will Lubbock and we might creep back. And if you're play for couple or maybe you've been in that run like you're talking about that this'll really up. Open your mind up a little bit more than. You know what the opinion that at the end of the day ma is what makes a relationship work by. What makes the relationship passion. Aron creativity creativity. And more than anything anticipation. Because if you tell your partner you're planning a surprise for them then your partner had an opportunity. Can find your partner had the opportunity to share a peek your partner. An opportunity. To do look forward to something so. Anticipation. Dot. Well white balance and it's a deck where all anticipating. That a partner and I am. And we don't know it's going to be. We don't know what page it's going to be. Or what it is going to be by. There's a lot of pressure on guys. So what are what we're pretty sure that it bought for her her talent and purple proved me Valentine's Day and permitted women. What would be your best buy. I have always been a believer that in any situation with your partner or significant others you'd have to just be 100% transparent and honest I mean. I'm the kind of person that is all about. Open dialogue right. Because. You don't really know like eat in had to be fun I mean I think about Valentine's Day I don't wanna do the same things every year right. Well and he added yeah I. I. I don't wanna do the same things every I wanna go to that same place I don't wanna do the same thing I wanna mix it up a little bit because you start getting into those. You don't want an expectation. Of lower gonna go here 'cause that's not on I mean when you're together for five and fifteen years right mix it up. Ignore it and you know the people who are creeping into the real you know like wow she's expecting dinner. So we got to do dinner and it depends on your budget right Valentine's Day is expected that you're gonna go to a restaurant going to be at least I'm about to get caught wind and then you gotta do the court. Right yeah you know. I think editor of the cart and he doctors street that are expected which you agree absolutely no Winger. Sparkle. You have to do something election effort it doesn't have to be expensive. And share your partner that you're thinking outside the box. 101 nights of great sex Lorca Warren I came into the studio this morning my blind she was like. Oh look this interview while about the curious kind of way but I gave her book is that we are. Is it weird for me to give my boss the book now yeah. She sure is and I she got to fix she had a big smile on her face when I was reading through what I was gonna talk about that with you this morning. I'll. Keep it because everyone went. Up so. I see idea. A lot of women I mean c'mon bottom billion of these book. And they'd given it to their partner I guess what happened there partner become the better blocker we become more played well they they have that. Arkan there I think can't stop smiling she is gonna love in her homework between their RA and Helen Michigan Mary Owen Bieber got. Not a not even you first just. Oh that's like this in the good idea right. I mean I think it also. You know what I really am digging I really kind of thinking number thirty it's called shear not there. And ruin it and Bob prepare any. More. And I don't I who. Or that deduction that that. This it what Maryland and Rondo. Which they were about keeping you would go for that absolutely number eleven I think. I'm making his back feel better but it's half past that. Hat. All error beauty. We argue they have the best year ever working underneath her no pun intended if you could just the bucket and it's probably. You know like you're just got to raise yeah. And he got to raise it. I wouldn't see that while she blocked like at least once or twice a week you'd now you're responsible for all the bout pleasure. I want take credit for homily that to you because you're the expert. 101 nights great sex by a lower corn where can we I get online is a one under 101 nights dot com right. Well I am sad that an Amazon may yet. We're balancing and in perfect at it right now right now. Given on Amazon starts airing out those pages and I think we'll have to reconvene this conversation at a later point. We were out and I just want everyone to put the play back in before he even when I agree sex parents you are a at all. You are fantastic I appreciate you taking some time out to talk about the book in. Start here in a way maybe. What a great interview I do you.