What's Trending - July 6

Friday, July 6th


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And hi this is what's trending this morning and I can't believe it but it's the last weekend of summer fast it just people who buy it really always does. To be headed to Milwaukee this weekend have a great time to sell many makes artists that are there tonight. Like Michael fraud. Definitely worth the admission tickets let's talk about that extra cup of coffee might grab a new way to work this morning. Go ahead and give it. Because according to a recent study of nearly half a million British adults coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over ten years than people who didn't drink it. And the appearance longevity boost we've seen with instant round tee handicap Anita Cochran. Who drink more coffee. I mean there. Will hold onto that the offending thing. There's going to be some road closures the next three weeks from the met with a broom inner sectional partially be closed and that will last until July 27. And then it'll reopen before the closure begins at west Mifflin so they're gonna be doing some stuff downtown if you're gonna be headed out to the farmer's market tomorrow concerts on the square next week. Just some stuff to keep in mind it's it's always kind of the mess this time of year right around the capitol square in I don't know if you saw this but flicks brew house. At least tell mall. Just opened up. Brew pub restaurants 39000. Square feet on the backside of the mall another place to go and enjoy beer. I'd also includes nine dine in cinema. So. And I to ease down if you haven't then in a while. Definitely worth checking out because he got across this Drury off for your to do list you don't mean. What's that app again is it called tapped. To I have that right and so we confirm that with being tapped. Practice. There you go I've given you to do list this weekend's trending this morning. We pick one of five point one of course for every game this weekend make sure you have us on your freak radio dot com app.