What's Trending - May 30

Wednesday, May 30th


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And show what's trending this morning and let's start with that code word again your chance to win 1000 dollars. Just by listening to the mix this morning the word it was cute. CU TE. Text the word feuds. To the number 72881. And you could win 1000 dollars right now. With the mix are like Snoop Dogg setting a world record for the biggest gin and juice. I think this is so gad. The cocktail measured in at more than a 132 gallons. Again the Guinness book of world record and there was over a 180 bottles of Hendricks gin inside this cocktail so congratulations to snoop. Rosanne canceled as you heard yesterday after she. What else are racist tweets completely inappropriate. And she took those tweets down and she actually deactivate your account so. Yeah Roseanne know more maybe another network picked it up but. That's were out so far. Governor are frightened of Missouri resigning amid. An affair allegations that have disrupted his tenure as Missouri governor. That happened yesterday as well his last day in office will be June 1. Let's go back to those records Shelley. Broad fast this year didn't quite break the record of the most brought sold the final count and 134528. Going back to 2010 and that was the record the forty festival sold 209000. Thrusts. Hopefully you had a good time a brought fest over the weekend goober has announced that it will be adding. I directly for two riders to call 911 soon appeared in an emergency this is in a new section called the safety center. He and his safeties dinner menu will allow you to contact first responders in the event something goes wrong during your trip. And we're gonna talk about this on FaceBook this morning how Goodell about your best or worst Hoover lift taxi. Experience and what was that all about talking about down on FaceBook this morning. Knicks 105 point one. And last at least a study published in the journal sleep research said that people younger than 65 who got less sleep during the week. What's left and on the weekends. At the same mortality rate as those who got seven hours of sleep a night. So for those of you like I mean who truly enjoy sleeping in the room just keep doing it wrong you give him. There early bird doesn't get the warm and and firm believer of that. Mix I don't finer point on good morning.