What's Trending - April 13

Friday, April 13th

What's Trending - April 13

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There there's like us. And yeah the farmer's market opens tomorrow I know you're excited about that it's. The one thing about a Sony and looked forward to every spring. Being congested with hundreds if not thousands of people around the capitals where eight. I'm guilty of the TO. I don't even not I don't even mind blocking out like bottler pace. As long as I can get that cheesy delicious. Spicy Brad. I'm happy camper. Now we got a lot to get to this weekend especially if you're going to be going out to eat if you're going to a bar I'd be doing any shopping this weekend. Hand dryers and public restrooms. Normally quoted as environmentally friendly right because you don't waste any paper for example. But a study says that the hair dryers are blowing feces particles. You heard that correctly. Theses particles on your drying hands now this is according to newsweek.com. Apparently. The flushing of the toilets all so can. Allow the air dryer to pick this up the results of the study which came from scientists comparing normal that through mayor in 36 restrooms at the University of Connecticut. To the air coming from the dryer nozzles indicated. That more bacterial colonies developed in samples exposed. To the hand dryer air. Does that not to gross you Alex. And again I like to take these studies with a grain of salt because. There are germs everywhere and their germs in Coopers their germs in public transportation. But just something about the hand dryers it. It's still grosses me out also. The four major credit card companies discover MasterCard. Visa. And American Express are doing away with signatures. On in store purchases. That happens today so if you don't have sign anymore don't be aware or don't be alarmed. That is normal. And plus nobody checks your signature anyways let's be real ranks Obama. It's trending this morning teaching I have this is the mix.