What's Trending - April 16

Monday, April 16th

What's Trending - April 16

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There are. And tried sell unfortunately. This yellow hat is gonna be canceled at state fair this year we talk about what's trending every day every morning here on the show twenty minutes past every hour. Some of the things you need to know it and due to into the office to get you into work today Huey Lewis. Said all over the weekend that he's lost most of his hearing he can't even hear music well enough to seeing so sad he separate from the many years disease. Basically he's lost his hearing he's tried to go to new specialists to Mayo Clinic and they can't quite find a solution. He's gonna arrest up. But unfortunately that means it. He's gonna have to cancel the rest of shows for this year and that does include the Wisconsin state fair so you might wanna contact the state fair box office for refunds. Hopefully they can find somebody else to come and take the spot though I was really excited about that power of love I mean come on. Love Huey Lewis and The News I Cambridge University Cambridge stunning. Analyzed about 600000. Drinkers around the world and their findings indicated that the United States recommendation for alcohol is too hot. In fact it could be leading to shorter life expectancies. In the air force should be lowered the study show that drinking alcohol at levels which were believed to be safe. He's actually linked with lower life expectancy in several adverse health outcomes. Roughly seven drinks in the United States. Tom is about what you can drink the week according to the study more than that will start to take away your life span by. Mix if not hours if not. Days and months and even years. He even suggested that a few extra drinks a week could take thirty minutes south of your life. Do you raise a glass to that I mean. I that I don't want to not take it seriously but. I mean it's Wisconsin I'd be interested in seeing the stats. Our life expectancy to other states. Around the country just got to curiosity. And scrabble has added words to the game. The online scrabble dictionary big game which should be. Updated in the fall will include new words like McEnroe owns sir rock jam. And even a mode G and face Paul is a new word even EU. If you have that.