What's Trending - April 19

Thursday, April 19th

What's Trending - April 19

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There is much. Why do Bernie Sanders in Carty B. That's something in common we'll talk more on that in just a minute one Alexio what's trending this morning we get to a twenty minutes past every hour. Every morning here on the shelves. If you are a Packers fan. You'll be happy to know that some nights we find out when in fact the team will play in who they will play and what time they will play. Packers in the entire NFL schedule getting released tonight you can watch these scheduled release. If you have nothing better to do you could in turn on NFL network at 7 o'clock. Why did Bernie Sanders and party B has something in common. Book party B was talking about Social Security. In a recent interview with GQ. That was posted last week it's a Bernie. Clearly. Listen to vote act yellow button. He tweeting yesterday said if we're gonna make America great. We need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve. I a in another reason like Bernie Sanders I don't know I'm glad that he thought up. A what's happening in the world of party B. Let's see. Police threw well there arrested people they threw people out of a Toys 'R' Us. British police busted what they called an unlicensed music event which actually turned out to be a rave. Inside an abandoned Toys 'R' Us store. Also treated out there then anybody who is planning on going to the unauthorized music events. Should leave so if you got a ticket to this rave incited Toys 'R' Us do you think anybody dressed up as Geoffrey the giraffe. I find this to be comical by the way don't do it don't go to the west side Toys 'R' Us. When it's completely vacant throw reign of that's not a good idea and this is such a crazy start so this little orange and white cat he was rejected by Stanley twice. Found out that he. Ended up having a happy ending to this story so this came out wanders away twelve miles away from his owner's home. Cat's name is Toby. I'd Toby travels back to the home where he originally wandered off from and they've taken to get euthanized. You kidding me. Italian the tennis so loyal to you it wandered back twelve miles said that the people took it to get euthanized only to be adopted by in new family with the cats sibling in two kids. This stories crazy. More on this on our FaceBook page. Give us the thumbs up mix well five point one.