What's Trending - April 20

Friday, April 20th

What's Trending - April 20

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There but there's more show. And I was thinking about wearing shorts to work this morning and thought you know what. Seems a little aggressive. We're not quite there yet pack it up denigrates their T your morning this is what's trending twenty minutes fast every hour. Never again the park lane shooting survivor David Hahn whose. Come together with the movement to prevent gun violence. And advocates for tighter regulations. Can be publishing a book. Yeah he's working with random house to write a book. Past tank and never again you can be worth the read accused Smart. We're talking about this earlier in the week. But the voting age. In Washington DC possibly going down the sixteenth. Lawmakers proposing that because of people like David hot. I asked if you would maybe be OK with that Wisconsin. It's still up for grabs in my opinion what he thinks gas now. The let us know on her FaceBook page makes when a five point one Boston stars will be going out of business today is the sale. East and west tell malls. The Janesville mall also affected by this. All Bon-Ton stores under the umbrella of brands that include Boston store Carson's older Spearman. Yonkers all going out of business the sales are expected to run. Or about ten to twelve weeks there's an E. Coli outbreak that has now gotten closer to Wisconsin. What you need to know about Romaine lettuce that could be harming you. In just a precautionary thing. This is on her FaceBook page mix when a five point one of the packers' schedule has been released. It's a big schedule with a lot of big matchups including the 49ers the seal lots. And even Tom Brady in the New England Patriots. This season begins now and Lambeau Field. Sunday Night Football. September 9. Against a bears get. I'm looking forward to that. Pull packers' schedule again on our FaceBook page makes when a five point one I'm kind of scared about this season after last year. To deep breaths.