What's Trending - August 14

Wednesday, August 15th


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Shy trending this morning 825 in one more time if you miss the code word this hour it's copy. CE OP why text copying. To seventy anyone and we can be calling you back living you know that you 1000 dollars. Just by listening to the radio this morning with the mixed. A lot to get to it is black restaurant week here in Madison authentic recipes from. Dozens of restaurants including food carts caterers. If you look at to get out and tries some great local food authentic local food as well. Then find the link on our FaceBook page. Knicks 105 point one. Powell who sent the link and you can start eaten right Friday is the final Bucky on parade statue the 85 one will be revealed. 11 AM according. To the university Wisconsin Madison police department now this you know you've stacked she's been all over the city. And for the most part it's got a lot of good attraction there's been a lot of people trying to see every one of armored. I saw people try to take pictures and every one of them this whole summer. But David releasing them slowly including all the way to the crossed in games a couple of weeks ago to fury down kind of in the line energy center area. I you probably saw some new ones and that final 1 again Friday morning. It'll be all yours to check out it's a new way of staying warm or cool rather in the warm weather. But one of the players from the Florida Marlins decided you know what. It's so hot it's playing out on the field. One of the views of more wet lettuce under his helmets. Apparently this is a trick that Pete Rose used to used to stay cool. I guess it's just lettuce. One the economy your helmet feel little insecure uncomfortable. People also said that they prefer using cabbage. But they settled for lettuce and get it easier if you can tear off just a giant leap. Here stay cool. Today by putting Atlantis underneath your hats. Maybe you could sit nothing lasts I don't recommend it might be awkward you may get weird looks from your coworkers TO.