What's Trending - August 15

Wednesday, August 15th


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Fish are right your chance to win a thousand dollars in case you missed this hour's code word it is tone T know and eve like the tone. Of my voice. Text the word tone it to seven to 81. And you can win a 1000 dollars this morning with mix 105 point one so good luck Iraq. Fourteen year old. Really governor of her lots that's right he's fourteen there's no age requirements. And anyone who has lived in the state for four years can run so he did the math he's like well. And lived here all fourteen years other run for governor. He said quote I recognize that there was a new movement of leadership that could be doing better new leaders who could actually stand up and see racism is bad. The Smart kid is and and speaking of elections Wisconsin state schools chief Tony Evers one the democratic primary. For governor and he's going to be challenging Scott Walker in November. Eight person democratic primary yesterday by the way so. I'm makes you get out and vote if you haven't registered to vote go do that because the elections are coming up just a couple of months away. Congratulations. Q Tony and new Girl Scout Cookies trending this morning new flavors the first time this sense that's Morse could he join the family. There's gonna be all sorts of flavors starting January 2 when the official selling begins. They've got a chewy cardinal cookies. The chocolate chips little sea salts they've got gluten free options out all of these by the way are gonna be on our FaceBook page if you haven't seen them yet. Just search mix 105 point ones aren't. Big help for feeling hungry this morning it is the mix a chance of showers and thunderstorms today high right around eighty.