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Friday, August 3rd


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Should you tic code word one more time in case you missed that you could win a thousand dollars. Just by texting the code word shock SH OCK. Shock is the code word texted in to seven to 81. And you could win 1000 dollars this morning. Just by listening to the next. A lot of it is something that is going on with the TSA and it's a mix it's a mixed jury type situation we're going to be talking about this on social media. I'll get to this coming up in a minute a wanna start with the news from the Packers. But not good for the defense. Big injuries regarding Jay. Our cyber guarding yeah regarding Jake Ryan he's one of that Packers. Like interior linemen. But he suffered torn ACL and he's gonna be and he did the season's done already formed. So not a good start to the Packers season you know I'll be honest people of ask me they're like boy I think I think the team's going to be. Because I got a lot of games I have tickets and bill began soon that is I'm not I'm trying to be optimistic but last year was so bad. I don't know how to like. Stay positive moving parts I need a little positive ID this morning he can you please give that to me thinking. All right prostate games continuing by the way today Alliant Energy center taste the opening ceremonies. And if you wanna still scored tickets to the festival. 99 dollars you're gonna get access to all five days obviously taken yesterday. But today the opening ceremony so a lot going on Madison's Alliant Energy center. And this has been publicized around the world I was in Europe obviously last week as you may have seen on social media and they were talking about. Madison. Over there which I was super cool that was all proud you know is about Wisconsin I can't help it. The TSA. And is considering eliminating passenger screening and more than a 150 small and medium sized airports. Are all around the country and if implemented would mark a major change for air travel. What to think about that. Now there are already asking you to take out your laptops or tablets. Put liquids and a little thing do you do all this stuff so I don't understand. Then why you would take out security. It seemed a little. Counter intuitive to me. This is our FaceBook page makes one of five point one excellent timing and also I had an experience on an airplane while I was on vacation. Where I got called hours. MI wrong. Talk about this as well faceless mix and a five point one.