What's Trending - August 20

Monday, August 20th


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Hopefully you've got the code word to grab that Amazon elects we're gonna have you listen to the mix at home just by. Listening the radio station. And give it a sweet device to listen to us in win more stuff. Look at that it's the gift that just keeps on giving. It is -- 25 minutes past the hour what's trending and if you want another Amazon elects that's. Another code word to win. Coming up at noon. With Molly and at five this afternoon. With mega. We talked a little bit about the flicks through us and I absolutely love it. I talk about it on the air a logic I'd great businesses headed into the Madison area another one of these businesses. Anyone furniture and mattress they open up a show room right opera on the route. Felt he probably didn't really fits. Spend a lot of time paying attention to what was happening business wise on that stretch because of the construction. But essentially. They got a new story went furniture mattress right after on the road at the old Thomasville home furnish home furnishings location. Sun prairie. After a slow recovery. Following the deadly explosion is gaining a little bit of momentum finally. Residents will be able to rest a little easier or not looking out all of that destruction. It appears by the end of the month the buildings. Destroyed by the explosion will be gone. Got a lot of buildings the bar house the razor sharp screen printing American realtors Americans believe Sharon's agency classical pizza. Watertown chop house and a single family home out all part of that affected area so again. It was so good to see the community together it's unlike anything. Every time I'm impressed I'm more more impressed by this community and by the people here itself. You can give yourself out of the back. Sure. Mixed 105 point one. Thank you for waking up without her radio dot com station.