What's Trending - August 29

Wednesday, August 29th


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All right what's trending this morning on this Wednesday August 29 it's funny 1825. Minutes past the hour. I wanna start with an update on the flooding situation. Yesterday of just parts of Wisconsin central Wisconsin. East central Wisconsin getting pelted with storms. Tornadoes. High winds and flooding. And that flooding has. Prompted governor locker to issue a state of emergency for several counties fond elect Juno lacrosse Munro who Vernon and Washington counties. I it's crazy. I was on the phone with my dad yesterday as I was. You know Colin and let them know that hey you know this tornado is is coming towards. The touts. And he got up the phone me and said I heard them she was strange noises. The sky was dark so. Glad to know that everybody's okay and as far as the flooding concerns if you're wondering what your neighborhood looks like the city Madison locally. As issued. A map but basically that dictates and shows you where the major trouble spots are so if you're concerned about that. I've got that resource for you on our FaceBook page. Knicks 105 from. Point one if you have not liked us already while you're there FaceBook page if you feel like sharing some of the pictures from your property. I'm media ads are trees blow down we'd love to share those as well makes one a five point one on FaceBook as well. This weekend. It's a throwback weekend. We were going to be plan all sorts of your favorite music starting at noon Friday when Molly don't miss out on that's. Also I going on this weekend as well Labor Day weekend the badgers. Kicking off this season under the lights at camp Randall Friday night. We asking you this question on her FaceBook page to this morning but where is your favorite place. To watch the game. Now you can say in your living room. It really weird you really watched the game where he wears like your favorite Madison spots. Wanna hear about it this morning I find us on FaceBook makes one a five point one.