What's Trending - August 3

Friday, August 3rd


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And hi the word is seen if you haven't done so already text the word is seen as CE and eat. To the number seventy to 81. You can win a thousand dollars with the mixed this morning. A lot tickets today the Wisconsin state fair kicks off this weekend with great entertainment on the main stage if you're headed out. The west Dallas. Alice Cooper tonight's. So it means tomorrow. And then the happy together tour a lot of sixties and seventies artists. This past Sunday night if you're headed out to the Wisconsin state fair. Enjoy something on a stick forming. The badger football team. With their highest pre season ranking in the poll. The coaches poll ranking coming in at number seven now they were number seven in 2007. Before the season began so I'm excited. You know nothing truly beefed I don't care how young or old you are. Haven't a couple of Beers and just having some fun and regent street before you go to a game camp Randall especially under the lights. Nothing beats it. Nothing beats it at all. Brookstone. Malls that filed for their perks don't stores in malls and airports. At file for bankruptcy for a second time the retailer going to be shutting down about a hundred of its mall locations. With hopes of selling its remaining assets. I'd they have 35 stores located in airports. It's getting got to give him as well today let's talk about what they do and in France because I promised to be pretty interesting trending this morning. Students in France not to leave their cell phones at home when they go back to school. Politicians voted to ban them. Including Smart watches in tablets from school grounds. Saying that the fact that students choose to use their Smart devices rather than play during their free time. It can also lead to learning problems I said earlier in the show that I have to kind of sighed. With France. Not that there's anything wrong with using technology or integrating technology into the classroom that's just my opinion I think it's great for. A little bike forced. Separation time if that makes any sense again I'm not advocating. Not using technology. But some forced separation time I mean think about how often do you use your phone and how addicted we are to it right I would love for somebody to tell me no up. Hearing you can't use your phone right now by the way to ban only affects children from three to fifteen years old so there is that. This makes a five point one. Obviously a great start here Friday and let's get seeded New York City coming up and be forty.