What's Trending - August 6

Monday, August 6th


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Hsu gets to a thousand dollars that you haven't done so already make sure you text the word. Then there FE a TH ER feather is the word. You just up the text that word to seven to 81. And you can win a 1000 dollars this morning just by listening to the radio. Let's talk a little bit about what's going on what's trending this week. The Packers. Will begin. Their season Thursday night from Lambeau Field against the Tennessee Titans. Maybe you were at family nights over the weekend. Always a good time it's that time of the year. Time to get excited time to break out the cheese plates. If pack cooler full of beer and maybe turn on the television in the garage because that's who we did in my house every Sunday and we wanna watch the game wherever. This is kind of the way it goes. I cross that game is over the weekend hopefully you're able to go check out some of these athletes wow what an experience and the prospect games by the way going to be staying here. In the next couple the year so if you were able to get out check it out just another reason why we love Madison right. The car fire that has been burning in Redding California. The reason behind it. We found out it's due to a tire failure. Last month on a trailer. And it's rim scrape the asphalt. Just crazy it's the sixth most destructive wildfire in the states of California it's our thoughts are with that people. In that part of the region and hopefully we can put this to rest. Real quick HP put LLC. He recalled half gallon cartons of refrigerated Vanilla Allman breeze Allman Mel. Because it may contain Mel. Which is not listed on the label that's why you don't drink milk you drink Allman Nell because. Yes sensitivity to reel out but this is on her FaceBook page search mix and a five point one for more and they cook book. Featuring recipes from the golden girls. Will be reality and published in 22 money so if you're a big fan of blanch in all those lovely women. Medium maybe he'll be able to make a nice little lasagna and or an ice cream Sunday recipe that's coming to 2020s mix on a high point one.