What's Trending - August 7

Wednesday, August 8th


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Umpire is this hour total birdied you have not done so text the word umpire you and TI RE and the number seven Q anyone. You can win a thousand dollars with the Macs are good luck go to that. What Tilda celebrated her 100 birthday. Over the weekend in Milwaukee she's originally from northern Wisconsin but her hundredth birthday. It came with a party. Because of her daily ritual which is heard daily at 2 PM a beer. I she says one of the keys to success is cracking one open in about 2 o'clock. And when her grandchildren said when you ask Eric about this she says yep everyday 2 PM all of the Miller 64. It's her favorite beer because she likes the taste of it issued a great spokesperson for Miller course. But a MillerCoors did send her a letter over the weekend and it said quote to help you celebrate your 100 birthday we wanna show our appreciation to you. For being a true fan by sending some Miller's 64 T shirts hats. And beer. Happy 100 birthday with Tilda. Takes your friends of Miller 64. She said big hero followed by. Who are hydrate. My kind of girl right there facts of life star. Charlotte Rae who was born in Milwaukee. Passed away in Los Angeles over the weekend. She was 92 years old pink. And then cancel whenever Sidney she knows she's in Australia through jewel through August 26 she's got a virus that gastric virus has been sick and miserable over the weekend. That we. Really hope she's feeling better. And last but at least an ax doing business called happy acts hatchet throwing facility. Opening up inside clock tower court off mineral point road the business. It's gonna be Madison's first acts during business this is a trend of across the country. Like darts you throw in these axes these patches. Towards targets on these little lanes. Pretty neat stuff. Gallon down already you're really gonna like that it's trending this morning with mixed 105 point one hope you have a great start your day.