What's Trending - July 10

Wednesday, July 11th


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Showcase treading this morning 25 minutes past the hour I have to tell you. We have been deprived. Of being able to get out into the water especially swimming. I was I was Edgewater. Two weeks ago and ice I was seven launch and a Saturday afternoon. And I saw all these guys and girls from one of the fraternities are playing did they were jumped in the water they were hanging out at all I could think about is. I think hitting blue green algae all over the body all the cases that is now. All the lakes and beaches are open it's cool to get in the water there is no wake restrictions are done to use so that's great news. As we go into the weekend. I also wanted to get skewed Nordstrom they're gonna be opening up smaller stores with no inventory. That we talked about this a couple of months ago. They're gonna have like nail salons. Beer and wine as seamstress. Fitting rooms. You can't buy the clothes hair but you can have online order shipped to your local Nordstrom for pick up. And you can really have more inexperienced than anything else. Nordstrom local I could be expanding the stores app point nine. I'm down to give it a shot. YouTube is taking several steps. To make sure that they're cracking down on misinformation and supporting news organizations the company's gonna make a authoritative new sources more prominent. Especially in the wake of breaking news events when misinformation can spread as we all now. YouTube will begin showing users short text previews of news stories and video search results as well as warnings that stories can change. Now the goal is to counter the fake videos. That will basically mean Al. Ploy afraid after shootings national disasters the sorts of things on the YouTube search results prominently showed videos purporting to prove. That you know they're gonna make newsreels so you'll see ego you'll see that a specific kids pretty important stuff. Ed if you think about getting rich. This second of three top prize winners as one the stink generates scratch game and they bought at all at that quick trip. On century avenue in Middleton some maybe we can make Catholic to go to place number the Miracle Mile or whatever that was upon the lack when everyone want all that money. Like ten years ago. Hot enough to win some extra money if you like. A little Ching in your bank account thousand bucks could be yours again twelve times a day Monday morning right here in the mix.