What's Trending - July 11

Wednesday, July 11th


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And I what's trending this morning on this Wednesday eight what is it July. Of this April. It's been a long morning and it's staring at the screen to line. 7-Eleven day today get that free solar Prius loved 7-Eleven locations. But a lot of other things to get you as well today including George Clooney. Did you see that he was involved in a scooter accident. Yesterday in Italy. He was riding through the island of sergeant. Dean yeah. That sound right. He is apparently going sixty miles an hour when a vehicle pulled out in front of them time he was crashed right into the windshields eerie picture keeps on floating around the Internet. But he's OK. Still worried about that had damage that head trauma I guess it cracked his helmets. Scary stuff of vitamins. Multi vitamin supplements. There's no association between. Benefiting your cardiovascular health. And apparently this study's finding that it is I don't worth a bit off he joins other studies showing that the average healthy person gets no benefit. From taking supplements are multi vitamins. Even those recommended by doctors like calcium and vitamin. 21 billion dollar industry. That's why guys. You're probably wondering what what's going on this weekend what are you talking about what what change are we going to be seeing. Here in Madison well the farmer's market will be moving from the capitol square. To breeze Stephens field with special hours on Saturday. Now you're wondering why this weekend is art fair on the square to the farmer's market will only be open from 7 AM until 1 PM. And it'll be a breeze Steven spiel. I don't remember the last time or if ever the farmer's market move. But just keep that in mind. If you're gonna be headed out there this weekend. And finally ABC in People Magazine it will be presenting at this story of the royals in August which will be 82 night special. Featuring a panel of experts who will weigh in on the history of the royal monarchy and why the world is so obsessed. With Prince Harry and everybody else. I also saw that discovery network is fast tracking a documentary based on the cave rescue with these. Tie soccer players so that'll be interesting to hear.