What's Trending - July 12

Friday, July 13th


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All right so these are the things that are happening this morning emissary with the feel good story of the day today the Thai boys who were trapped the decade of they saw their parents for the first time in this is if you read this story. As a parent I can't imagine how you would feel. If this were you in your kids. But wary house public hospital masks and gowns. I'm waiting to family members through protective glass the freed ties soccer players were able to finally have a reunion. I just crazy three weeks. Trapped in the dark Q what is almost being described as a miracle. Great to read about this story this morning. Might have a deal with some sad news because I wanna get to some happy stuff in just a little bit. But Zaza a member that English bulldogs who won the world's ugliest dog contest we were talking about last week. Or two weeks ago or whenever was but. Does not pass the way. Now pardon my ignorance because I'm not a pet owner nor rely on dot. But I didn't know that life expectancy for bulldogs according to the American Kennel Club is only eight to ten years now she was nine. Sad stuff to hear about this morning Oprah Winfrey. I mention I was excited about what she was doing which he's investing in a healthy restaurant chain. She's taking a stake in true food kitchens. And her investments related to help it expand across the United States they're planning on doubling its store count. To about 46. Better for you options. In health driven restaurant chain we all could use a little bit of that. It finally the Wisconsin economic development corporation a state agency is awarding Madison. With a 500000. Dollar grant to help boost the redevelopment. Of the former Oscar Meyer sites. Right on the north side you know where it is is he had up to the airport. That is trending this morning as well. Now I'm asking you. I put this on FaceBook page it's a mixed poll. What we GU. Like to see come to Madison. What do you think would benefit this community if you could pick one thing we're talking about this on FaceBook mixed 105 point one.