What's Trending - July 13

Friday, July 13th


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Okay trading this morning on this Friday the thirteenth when he eighteen which. I still think really doesn't matter has no has not been on me. I a couple of things going on this week and one of the things you need to know is recalled Kellogg's. Honey smacks I haven't. Yes funny. I'm not having breakfast personality serial eater but I forgot that they still may be it's. But honey smacks of being recalled beef got this for you on their FaceBook page. All you have to do is find just like SP part of the mix family. Mix 105 point one some sports news Jeremy Jeff race. Has been named to the all star game and this makes the brewers. Franchise record five all stars. In the game next week. Obviously Gary Jeffries a pitcher in case your unfamiliar with the team. Everybody talking about the brand of boxing arena the new Milwaukee. Sports and entertainment center. Remember the name of it it's big basically a college with the Bradley Center part teeth but. The grand opening is set for August 26. Time in the event is gonna have all sorts of stuff going on they're gonna have before being able blocks block party. They're going to have a couple of shows in September that'll begin with Kevin Hart Maroon 5 and Julie Michaels. And then later in September and I Justin Timberlake on the 21. Jeanne yapping in the comedian. On the 22. One thing you need to know about tomorrow is that the farmers market is being relocated. Debris Steven spiel to keep that in mind if you're going to be headed out to the capitol square tomorrow it's art fair on the square this weekend. And the farmers market relocating. To avoid congestion obviously there's some road closures and all sorts of you know how it is here there's. There's always stuff going on. But restate its field from 7 AM until 1 PM tomorrow you can Shaq all of that out right. It's Friday the thirteenth today and I'm gonna give you a couple of tips. To have some good luck in your life we're gonna reverse the trend this morning. It's coming up beneath forty mix 105 point one.