What's Trending - July 17

Wednesday, July 18th


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Shocked I what's trending this morning 2125. Minutes past the hour if you miss this hour's. Code word. It's silver SI LV ER silver is the word at all you have to do is text that word to the number seven to 81. And you could win a thousand dollars yet just listening to the radio the easiest thing you'll do. All day law. Speaking of money Amazon prime day deals continue to be able to check out great deals on phones accessories. You name it. Including beauty products is welded Amazon prime day continues throughout the 99 to the early morning hours tomorrow. It's a Major League Baseball all star game two nights there are five brewers players including Jeffrey C made the cuts. I can check that out tonight just after 7 o'clock. Live from DC. On fox 47. Rights Mattison Alderman Maurice Cheeks is running for mayor in 2019 to address growing inequality in the city. He goes by the nickname Mao you probably know that he was elected to the council and 2013 he represented district ten. One of Madison's most ever serious sell another person in the running for mayor next year. I know what else is trending today AME got to get to advance did you see. That we have tickets. To 21 pilots you can beat the box office right now. By going to mix 1051. FN dot com all right mix 1051. FM dot com and 21 pilots man. One of the best shows I've ever been to in Milwaukee. Speaking of Milwaukee panic in the discount they're going to be their later this year TO.