What's Trending - July 18

Wednesday, July 18th


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And let me just start off by saying it is my worst nightmare to be glitter bombs. And Nicky from our promotions department she wants to glitter bombing so bad that drives me great. I hate letter I would to catch a concert a couple of weeks ago and I I couldn't. About them. The good littered outfits that were in my kitchen we are all doing a little pre gaming. That's a pretty broad and glitter costume and I get it because it's cash for the glitter was everywhere. There is driving me insane I'm sorry. Glitter is the word of the all you have to do is text that word to the number seven Q eighty line. If you can win a thousand dollars with the next forever I know what's trending real quick this morning ominous start when it. Madison mayor Paul sideline he's not going to seek reelection. He was first elected mayor in 1973. And his serve 22 years in the position on and off over the past couple of decades. But easy to be focusing his efforts on the governor's race. So Paul side landing is no longer continuing as Madison mayor. Rug rats fans the animated series is bringing back. A 26 episodes season so appear Nickelodeon fanatic you'll also be able look forward to a live action movie. Kind of excited about that I was just reading this I'm a couple of days late but Applebee's. They come understand us lately they've got you know the Long Island iced teas now they're going to be doing all you can eat chicken tenders. Hi yeah. I men for 1299 you can get unlimited chicken tenders for the signature hole slot. Bottomless Fries. I'm so excited about this chicken tenders are like my life. Especially like 2:30 in the morning nothing beats a good chicken tendered dipped in ranch and he wants a right now. I know it the most and least distressed cities in America this. Study came out from wallet come to dot com now we don't know necessarily. If these studies are always accurate. But Madison and Milwaukee are two to two completely different cities. Madison one of the least stressed cities in America Milwaukee. It and number 81 of the most stressed. You can read more about this on her FaceBook page or just put a link up. Mix 105 point one.