What's Trending - July 5

Friday, July 6th


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I trending this morning records were broken yesterday B Nathan's hot dog eating contest which always grosses me out. But Joey jaws chestnut. Rake in more records yesterday chop it down 74 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. He won his eleventh Nathan's fourth of July hot dog eating contest on Coney Island Mickey still go won the women's contest. With 37 hot dogs in ten minutes. I won the contest for not having consumed any hot dogs. But they sound really good this morning an idol there's a ball left overs I imagine your fridge. What you got and they're from yesterday what kinda left overs. We're talking about this on FaceBook mix 105 point one. I was disappointed I can do the token creek fourth of July parade yesterday but if you're out it's helping create I would think get out via. Love that event and I shot out to my friend mark Lovett got four out all you do to help out of that little community biggest parade in the middle of nowhere I swear. On yesterday a woman climb the base of the statue of liberty and seven people were arrested on liberty island all of whom are believed to be protesters. Odd the woman is affiliated with a rising to resist. She was arrested obviously it's a concern of safety probably not a good idea to do that. Just get and it's a grim photo from you know the coastline. The lot prettier that way anyway. Police investigating a video reportedly taken outside UW Madison fraternity showing up falling television. I'm talking one of the old school heavy bubble TVs. Missing a woman but I I it looks like inches. Inches. You can see this video. And it's it's kind of shocking and almost horrifying but it's on our FaceBook page mix 105 point one and you can read about it there. In the voters yesterday were confined to lake Mandela because for the July had a slow no wake order. Also the blue green algae remains in an issue as we go into the weekend in this weekend is supposed to be absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the eighties. Lots of sun by you don't wanna swim a I saw a drone video of what the lakes look like from high above and you concede LG it's. Really disgusting Placido wanna get a six you don't wanna get a stomach cake either. I'd that is trending this morning with a mix.