What's Trending - July 9

Monday, July 9th


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Tide turning this morning 25 minutes past the hour there is an update Stevie cave rescue. That we talked about earlier in the show but a fifth boy is I've had brought out of the tie cave on its second day of rescue. Crazy this is a group of twelve and their soccer coach who were trapped for more than two weeks. Scary stuff but a good. A good way to be in the morning knowing them more of these more these kids are getting rescued. I and a very scary story if you didn't. Following a line. The Red Cross has issued an emergency blood shortage for eligible donors. Of all blood types apparently over the fourth of July holiday donations fell short and fewer blood drives were organized so if you can give blood. Pictured to do that with the American Red Cross rate here in southern Wisconsin. It definitely help other people out. Starbucks gonna be ditching single use draws plastic straws by 20/20. They would eliminate the straws from all of its cafes globally the company will offer recyclable straw was lids. In alternative material straws like paper or disposable plastic. Binding Starbucks said that its customers. Obviously in the Seattle and Vancouver area will be the first to see some of the changes. As we get through the rest of the fall. That is trending this morning I have story that I found very interesting in and involves. Fear of missing out. And it involves. An unlikely act. Could talk about this coming up at 840. Here and mix when a five point one its aerial predator expect to your day.