What's Trending - June 1

Monday, June 4th


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Sean Sullivan a hard time getting over this toiling clockers story that we've been talking about this morning. It. It's on our FaceBook page mix on a five point one these are the stories that Wisconsin should not be prouder just throwing that out there. About a thousand dollars if you miss this hour's code word it is okay hope beat. Even why that is the word you need to tax to seven to 81. And you can win a grand right now with the mix just by waking up without us today. Let's turn out some of the things that are trending that I think are very important to know like badger sports. Ethan have. Is returning for another season with the men's basketball team he withdrew his name from the NBA draft pool. So eaten half going to be back. On the Kohl Center floor for another season speaking of the university Wisconsin sports. The badger football team is gonna be kicking off the season with a prime time match up on ESPN has. Against western Kentucky under the lights yes we will be tailgating. And taking over regions streets. Well into the hours. Probably police nightmare but they did release I kick off times for four games already. You can find a Moline or FaceBook page mix 105 point one. Do you your remember. Flying midwest express airlines. Well bunch of investors have funded the first round of money that's needed to revive the airlines. Now you probably remember there was a pretty much all first class airline with warm chocolate chip cookies and could be flying back in the air by the year 20/20. According to you these spokeswoman. Yes it is national donut day today they're free doughnuts if you want line at mix 105 point one on our FaceBook page we're talking about it there. Feel free to chime in on the conversation and last but I'll lease the creators. Of the Jersey Shore. Are filming a reality show based on the lake of the Ozarks. I have still many things I want a sameness. But I keep those comments for off the microphone. It's mix on a five point one airline yourself got a great start to your day.