What's Trending - June 13

Wednesday, June 13th


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And she and what's trending this morning it's funny minutes past every hour here on the show this is the most awkward present that you could possibly get your dad. Just in time for Father's Day Kraft Cheese. Is giving me the chance to place a bid on a bank. And we don't want a five sculptures that are made from a forty pound block of cheese. Designed to look like your dad's Patrick. I. Solid soap opera I put the link. So what rendition of what this looks like I mean imagine your dad's had looked like a block cheats. Harbor doubts. With sharp chatter. On her FaceBook page by the lack. Mix 105 point one you can check it out there. The world naked bike ride is headed back to Madison Saturday and there's a viewing area this time where you can watch the bikers or your perverted it. Now would be to place to go I'm just putting this out their luck there are going to be creepy people watching this bike ride I'm just say and there's a designated viewing area and it's on the lake shore bike path in bring him park you've been more. By the way the naked bike ride began in 2004. And it occurs in several cities not just here in Madison but the bike ride does Al. Purpose that protests the distribution. And consumption of petroleum. According to the event organizer and also positive attitudes towards the human bodies. Which you can watch. At a designated viewing area. Just put now there AT&T has merged with Time Warner. They've bought Time Warner in a legal win over the Justice Department. And by the way that does include dead DC entertainment sell life. Superman Harry Potter and it also includes HBO. Lot of mergers going on it's definitely all over the place. Makes when a five point one on our FaceBook page if you missed any thing. From the show this morning including where are your fireworks going to be this year I've got your area fireworks dates and times for all of Dane County. The article is on our FaceBook page mix 105 point one. Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson you wanna meet them Melissa next.