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Monday, June 18th


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Show if you had L regarding this weekend or at least today because I think it's not gonna last through tomorrow. But that. Corpse flower you've heard these things right. They've velocity bloom they're huge they're beautiful. And they stink. This smells like rot nags bowl the stench goes away after two days that this balloon yesterday Federer rare feat it doesn't happen very often. Last time this happened was in 2000 ninths ahead old regards today I fear if you're looking for something fun to do. Lots going on this weekend as well we're gonna run down your weekend update a little bit later in the show but I wanna get to a couple of things Millie browned. Crumbs a stranger things she left Twitter because she was cyber bullied. You mean favor if you could just do one thing for me this weekend. And shot down somebody who. You know who might be bullying or who has. Tendencies to bully because this is just ridiculous. It AG unit we live and I'm just it's this tiring you mean she's fourteen years old. Like really c'mon I mean you know there's some. Mike creepy dude her girl or woman like adults behind the computer screen sending stupid messages to people I just don't understand it. Father's Day presents a view looking for something to give death. I've got the senator FaceBook pages while mix when a five point one other just small things maybe you wanna get data new Amazon and Acco dot. You can listen to mix when a five point one. Stuff like that maybe some sunglasses maybe maybe candle that's kind of man linked. Maybe some grooming kits. Some comfort that she gave way to the new sent my dad always likes Cologne. You don't like there's. Nice Cologne that you can get out like lifestyle mall for the mine out Ellis wants that old man Cologne. Like this. Like that same jar he's had since 1975. This dollar face from page to mix 105 point one bill for every great start to your Friday.