What's Trending - June 19

Wednesday, June 20th


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And what's trending this morning twenty minutes past the hour let's start with the data who decided to buy a billboard for his son. After the school wouldn't recognize him as a valedictorian. Instead of naming valedictorian this school and Wendell North Carolina. They got rid of it. They give all high achieving students Latin honors for a better way to recognize students who may have barely missed being named valedictorian. Or saluted Torre. So this father and his like you know what. My son graduated with a five point 31 GPA I don't know that's possible without on the left for but he blocks. And a billboard. And it's all over the Internet it's all over FaceBook it's pretty cool stuff. It's super like this is a great dad this conversation especially coming off a Father's Day weekend. This story. Is on our FaceBook page this morning you can check it out just surge mix 105 point one PT to billboard TO. Data for the win. This morning the American family insurance championship begins this weekend a university ridge golf course have your unpleasant few road if you take Mickey wrote it to work. If you work at ethnic or an Verona. Just be careful there's going to be some definite congestion and delays as we get into the rest of the week. Aerial traffic patrol which. It's not uncommon especially if you're on the interstate or you take I 94 east of Madison but if you're Columbia county tomorrow. The Wisconsin state patrol will add aircraft. To their traffic team and I 39 I 1994. They're gonna deserve problem areas of the highways to make sure you're not speeding being aggressive driver. No the speed limit save yourself some money and Oprah has signed a deal with apple music. It's different now full line if you're in Apple's subscription or an apple subscriber. Oprah signing a deal to provide original content to the platform. Shelby interest staying however people saying that your bill make a lot. It's mixed what a 5 point 1 good morning.