What's Trending - June 20

Wednesday, June 20th


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It's all right what's trending is always a wanna start with the body issue from ESPN magazine. People we're gonna be on a this year this is just a sampling of the list that the Rihanna Stuart. Who plays for the WNBA Seattle storm I crystal done. From the US women's national team she's gonna be in the body she'll. And I promised to be interesting to Jerry Rice the former 49ers wide receiver in the NFL. And Adam respond. Okay. A body issue. Pretty excited about that every year. It's out and every year it just kind of sits on my coffee table that will be released by the way. June 29. And the photos will be online actually in light less than a week so you can look forward to that. Amazon's Alexa is now going to be your Butler admin area hotels they partnered with Mary got to increase. I increased guest access to amenities so basically you wanna ask. Election to bring in extra toothbrush or you want to restaurant recommendations. You can do that instead of calling the concierge but. Knowing how I use Alexa. My message never gets sent across to maybe and maybe I'm incompetent and I can't form a sentence. Now but I'm more likely he's still do with the old fashioned way. And apparently they're gonna delete the information after every guest has skated. I don't know about that you can opt out you don't have to have an election in your hotel. I think and that kind of go that direction LeBron tears. It's a beer made by the bear bottled brew company in San Francisco I think it's pretty funny to special beer. Obviously Golden State beat Cleveland in the NBA finals. Somebody sent me sample will you I will love you for ever and iphones will know your location well enough. That if you have to call 91 line. Emergency responders will know exactly where to go since 2015 iPhone and apple have been relaying information to first responders. Using a fragmented and 8911. System built for land lines so they're working on this update by the way for IOS twelve which is which is a really good thing. Especially when it's a life or death type situation. That is trending this morning with the mix your late night TV rundown coming up. Next right around 840.