What's Trending - June 29

Friday, June 29th


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I. Okay turning this morning as we get into your weekend. This is exciting news. You know this crossed big games that we've been talking about. Well they're gonna be here in the first week of August but they're gonna be continuing to stay in Madison. But the games used to be in Los Angeles. But they're here the fittest athletes in the world. It is stick around for the next four years they made an announcement yesterday so apparently last year. The games alone generated twelve million dollars in spending throughout Dane County itself. Pretty great stuff right there definitely good news to have. Is beginning to the weekend Pepsi products will be at UW athletic events for the first time in school history. New partnership begins. Well begin Sunday technically but Pepsi cola Mattison in UW athletics will be beginning a new partnership for five years. And I'm all about it. Look like a Mountain Dew and then maybe a Pepsi and a cold. Cold drink a hot day at camp Randall like I can't believe. Rolling a couple of months away about away. Maybe two months from. Football season and the first game of the year is under the lights. And don't forget about that Spokane. Taco Bell is bringing back it's not show Fries I know you're excited about that. Taco Bell used to have a much they always had them but they're bringing him back. And you'll be able to get them July 12. Finally to pull like it to be closing over sixty locations we don't know exactly which locations have been affected yet. Apple we will definitely. See if that affects the Madison area but they're going to be doing some restructuring that sort of thing on distant FYI this morning. To mix 105 point one Jason Wiemer rats. Here at the or PM and in Denver. Are gonna get to that coming up right here with the mix.