What's Trending - June 4

Monday, June 4th


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And a lot to get to that is trending this morning and let us start with the parking prices at the city owned garages maybe you noticed some of these changes over the weekend but their prices are going up anywhere from twenty to thirty cents an hour. I'm monthly permits are also going up. About twenty to 25 dollars to just keep that in mind based book. Pulling the plug on their trending topics feature. Other doing that to ensure you that you see news. For trustworthy equality sources. So look to see that that change goes away soon. Kanye West's new album. Maybe you heard dimensions of Trump's stormy Daniels except track. I. Connie releasing their new album and ending its interest the end of listening party in Wyoming. Thought that was fine thought this is an incentive to move. Have you ever thought about living in Vermont's. You know 625000. Residents and an aging population. They want you to move there as a matter of fact they even signed into you. Loss of bill that would give you 101000 dollars if you move there. To help ease the transition. It's kind of like this with. Come after Vermont's nobody wants to move here. Bob we're gonna bribe you to live here here's 101000 dollars to live and are terrible state I'm sorry Vermont isn't a bad state is its I've never bad. I think will stay right here. In our lovely bubble of matter is that sounds much more enjoyable the money by the way as part of a grant program designed to draw tech workers. And revitalize the State's aging workforce so it. If it's up do you maybe it's interest bigger interested in it why not the only level wants. Moved to her months. And listen to us on the radio dot com asked. If with mixed on a five point one it is Aaron Rodgers little thing that happened over the weekend alike share with you wanna get your thoughts on this. Coming up at about 835. Here in the mix.