What's Trending - June 5

Wednesday, June 6th


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Here's. Your chance to win a 1000 dollars this morning just by listening to the mix this hour's code words farm if you have not done so already. Text the word farm. There to seventy to 81. Seventy rating one you can win 1000 dollars this morning with the next. Lot going on today once or with what happened yesterday these students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Including David Hyde Cameron cast he and Gonzales. David and announced yesterday that they're gonna be in the road to change so me you know marched for our lives. Road to change. Will be really highlighting the four million people will be turning eighteen this year. They are encouraging them to get out and vote in the will be crisscrossing the country. Do you have helped rally the troops and make that happen they're planning more than 25 stops. In a two month nationwide tour. That will for sure hit Iowa Texas California. I'm in a variety of other states no word yet on Wisconsin but hopefully they can come here. Because we've got a lot of people who. Would benefit from that as well right here I didn't City Council. A group of City Council member members is proposing to ban. Conversion therapy. On miners in Madison so that would be. Basically anybody. Who's is trying to change somebody's sexual orientation or gender identity I've Milwaukee test similar ordinance. And I'm shirt. They can do that and get that passed right here in Madison if you. Have an iPhone or iPad or anything I related you'll be able to group face time. Up to 31 of your friends. Grandparents around the world are going crazy this morning you're like oh my goodness you can talk to everybody wants. Group facetime added that. To an iPhone near you and Howard Schultz is going to be stepping down as the Starbucks executive chairman. At the end of the month. Hide you know he helped turn the coffee chain into a global giant with over 20000 stores and 77 countries I his plan is to retire. The focus on philanthropy and be more vocal political issues so. That's trending this morning as well be miss anything of course for talking about it on FaceBook mix what a five point one.